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Dan Gainor: Liberal media attack Constitution and democratic institutions

By Dan Gainor

The people who most want to undermine the United States are on the left – and the liberal news media are helping them. Liberals are attacking our Constitution, Supreme Court, bicameral legislature and our very electoral system.

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Dan Gainor: Michael Avenatti, once a media star, shines no more as he faces criminal charges

By Dan Gainor

Lawyer Michael Avenatti – who became a media star when he represented adult-film actress Stormy Daniels in her legal battle involving her allegations of an extramarital affair with President Trump – has gone from star to criminal defendant.

Dan Gainor: Alabama abortion law, other legislation has liberal media close to letting out a primal scream

By Dan Gainor

One reality of liberal media bias is that even the press get fooled by their own poor reporting. That’s what happened this week when left-wing journalists discovered that a vast swath of America is actually fond of babies.

Dan Gainor: Media attack Trump, declare β€˜constitutional crisis,’ embrace gun control and discuss space aliens

By Dan Gainor

With their investigation investment into non-existent Trump-Russia collusion going belly-up, journalists turned to the old standbys – guns, climate change, sports and even space aliens – to rally their left-wing base.