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Rabbis to Return to German Military Amid Growing Anti-Semitism

By Melissa Eddy

The Army will welcome rabbis into its chaplaincy this year to provide spiritual support to Jewish soldiers as anti-Semitism surges in the country.

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Germany Wants E.U. to Sanction Head of Russian Military Intelligence

By Katrin Bennhold

Berlin plans to invoke a new European sanctions mechanism to target a hacker who orchestrated a cyberattack on the German Parliament — and the head of Russian intelligence himself.

SEDE rapporteur: EU badly needs common rules, transparency in arms export

By Alexandra Brzozowski

The EU is currently the second-largest arms supplier in the world, after the US and before Russia, and a new European Parliament report by MEP Hannah Neumann (Greens) is set to urge the Commission and member states to address concerns over the lack of transparency and common arms export rules across the bloc.

In a German Restaurant, the Sommelier Lifts His Mask to Smell the Wine

By Patrick Kingsley and Laetitia Vancon

Pauly Saal, a Michelin-starred restaurant in Berlin, was one of the first restaurants in Europe to restart operations last week. How did its chefs, waiters — and diners — cope on its opening night?

China: One of Germany’s EU presidency priorities

By Christina Goßner

EU-China relations will be one of Germany's EU presidency priorities in foreign policy matters, with an overall objective of "strengthening Europe as an anchor of stability in the world," said Chancellor Angela Merkel. EURACTIV Germany reports.

Seehofer testifies before committee investigating the β€˜toll debacle’

By Philipp GrΓΌll

On Thursday (28 May), German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) testified before the investigative committee tasking with deciding on the responsibility for the government's 'toll debacle,' which could cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of euros.

A Reporter’s Journey Across a Resuscitating, and Oddly Changed, Europe

By Patrick Kingsley and Laetitia Vancon

In fits and starts, Europe is gradually reopening after months of lockdown. We’re driving more than 3,700 miles to document life on a continent where surreal moments now seem normal, and normality surreal.

Germany calls in Russian envoy, seeks sanctions over hacking

By Georgi Gotev

Germany's foreign ministry on Thursday (28 May) called in the Russian ambassador to discuss possible sanctions over a 2015 hacking attack on the German parliament, in an escalating diplomatic row.

Recovery fund brings EU one step closer to fiscal union

By admin

A European Commission plan to issue large amounts of common EU bonds under a coronavirus recovery fund potentially marks the first step towards the euro zone finally getting a region-wide safe-haven asset, investors said.

EU must play global role in virus crisis, says Merkel

By Georgi Gotev

German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Wednesday (27 May) said the European Union should take more global responsibility in the coronavirus crisis, especially as ties with the United States were currently "difficult".

Lufthansa board baulks at EU bailout terms

By Sam Morgan

The board of German airline Lufthansa refused to accept the conditions of a €9 billion aid package on Wednesday (27 May), citing the European Commission's reported requirement that the carrier give up some airport slots at two of its major hubs.

Soccer’s Landscape Was Already Shifting. Then an Earthquake Struck.

By Rory Smith

Over the last 20 years, some once-grand clubs have been left behind by insurgents with new money and big ideas. In Germany, their fate may be a harbinger of what is to come after the shutdown.

Taming the β€˜Frugal Four’: the challenge facing the German Presidency

By Philipp GrΓΌll

The European Commission has presented its proposal for a recovery fund as part of the draft EU budget. Now the member states must be convinced, a task that will fall on Berlin when Germany takes over the EU Council Presidency in July, EURACTIV Germany reports.

Ryanair challenges Lufthansa’s bailout package

By admin

Low-cost carrier Ryanair challenged Germany's €9 billion rescue package for Lufthansa on Tuesday (26 May), saying it distorted competition, while the German carrier moves towards finalising the deal next month.

German states claim sole responsibility for coronavirus regulation, sidelining federal government

By Sarah Lawton

At the weekend, the leader of Thuringia announced plans to end coronavirus restrictions in the eastern German state and replace them with local measures. Saxony voiced its support for the idea, while other states quickly condemned the move, possibly heralding the end the country's relatively harmonious federal coronavirus cooperation. EURACTIV Germany reports.

Soccer’s Landscape Was Already Shifting. Then an Earthquake Struck.

By Rory Smith

Over the last 20 years, some once-grand clubs have been left behind by insurgents with new money and big ideas. In Germany, their fate may be a harbinger of what is to come after the shutdown.

Germany prepares to open up to 31 European countries on 15 June

By Georgi Gotev

The German government wants to end a travel warning for tourist trips to 31 European countries from 15 June if the coronavirus situation allows, magazine Focus on Tuesday (26 May) cited dpa news agency as reporting.

Lufthansa to Receive $10 Billion Bailout

By Jack Ewing

The German government, which will take a 20 percent stake in the airline, said Lufthansa was facing an ‘existential emergency.’