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Brexit: The Most Boring Important Story in the World


Nothing ever changes. The details are mind-numbing. And it will all determine the future of the country.

Theresa May Finds No Joy in Brussels. Now What for Brexit?


Theresa May’s foray to Brussels to seek the E.U.’s aid in getting a deal through her Parliament ended in frustration, leaving her with no clear way forward.

Warm words but no Brexit concessions, as May leaves Brussels empty-handed

By Benjamin Fox

EU leaders took turns to praise Theresa May on Thursday night (13 December) but the UK Prime Minister left Brussels empty-handed after promising her divided Conservative party that she would secure new concessions from EU leaders.

Turning to a New Brexit Battle, Theresa May Faces E.U. Resistance


After surviving a confidence vote at home, Mrs. May was asking European Union leaders to help her out. But she might be asking for the impossible.

5 Takeaways About Theresa May’s (Sort of) Victory


The prime minister limps on after winning a no-confidence vote, but her deal is still on the ropes and a trip to Brussels probably won’t help.

Brexit: A Disunited Kingdom

Two and a half years after Britain’s referendum on whether to leave the European Union, the country remains divided. We met with voters on both sides of the debate — those who voted to leave and now feel betrayed, and those campaigning for a second referendum.

Theresa May and the Conservative Will to Power


The divisions are deep, but Britain’s ruling party knows how to stand together when the time comes.

Doomed May wins confidence vote but at heavy cost

By Benjamin Fox

Prime Minister Theresa May survived a no-confidence vote on Tuesday night (12 December) but it came at a heavy price, as she lost the support of nearly 40% of her Conservative MPs and the opposition hinted it may soon mount its own challenge against her.

A Tense Victory for Theresa May, With a Humbling Concession


Mrs. May had offered herself as a pair of “safe hands” in negotiating Brexit. But she survived a confidence vote only after promising to eventually step down.

Who Could Replace Theresa May? Here Are the Main Contenders


If Mrs. May falls in a vote of no confidence among her party’s lawmakers Wednesday night, plenty of rivals stand ready to compete for her job.

4K UHD to surpass 100 million shipments

By Julian Clover

Consumer interest in 4K UHD is growing at such a pace that it is likely to surpass 100 million shipments, that’s according to the latest market tracking report from Futuresource Consulting.

“This year, we’re expecting annual 4K UHD TV shipments to power past 100 million units,” says Tristan Veale, Market Analyst at Futuresource, “and the market will continue to grow with double-digit CAGR throughout our forecasting period to 2022.

The analysts say that HDR (high dynamic range) will be included in half of all 4K UHD TVs sold worldwide in 2018, though consumer understanding remains limited.

Asia Pacific leads the way in volume, helped along by China, the largest single market for 4K UHD. North America has also seen strong uptake of 4K UHD, with rapidly declining prices and a general preference for larger screens to match the larger-than-average homes in the region. In Europe, the positive picture continues, with Futuresource anticipating shipments to grow by 30% this year.

“When it comes to the content, SVOD remains the primary gateway for consumers to get their UHD fix,” says Veale. “Netflix is the key service driving UHD SVOD spend. Depending on the country, around 20% to 30% of subscribers have opted for the UHD premium tier.

February’s Winter Olympics and the FIFA World Cup accelerated many broadcasters’ plans to introduce 4K UHD coverage, making high-quality streams available.

May comes up empty-handed as she launches last ditch Brexit tour

By Benjamin Fox

Prime Minister Theresa May is set to emerge empty-handed from a whistle-stop tour of European capitals where she seeks further concessions from EU leaders to salvage her unpopular Brexit deal.

With Brexit Deal in Peril, Theresa May Scrambles to Save It


Britain’s prime minister set off Tuesday on a series of flying visits with E.U. leaders, seeking ways to increase domestic support for her withdrawal agreement.