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New U.S. Aid to Saudi Arabia Will Include 200 Troops

By Thomas Gibbons-Neff

The small deployment of defensive military hardware is tepid in comparison to some of the remarks leveled by American officials after the Sept. 14 strikes on Saudi oil fields.

Attacks Expose Flaws in Saudi Arabia’s Expensive Military

By Helene Cooper

The Saudi military could not protect a prized asset — oil installations — from an attack by low-flying cruise missiles that caused a significant spike in crude oil prices.

Iran’s Foreign Minister Vows β€˜All-Out War’ if U.S. or Saudis Strike

By Richard PΓ©rez-PeΓ±a and Edward Wong

“We don’t want war,” Mohammad Javad Zarif said. But “we won’t blink to defend our territory,” he added. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said President Trump wants peace.

The Trump Doctrine, Revealed

By Bret Stephens

The president combines the rhetorical impulses of Bob Dornan with the strategic instincts of Dennis Kucinich.

The End of Saudi Arabia’s Illusion

By Robert F. Worth

Time to face reality: The United States doesn’t want to go to war with Iran to protect its Arab allies.

Washington sees β€˜many options short of war’ with Iran after attacks on Saudis

By Alexandra Brzozowski

US President Donald Trump said on Wednesday (18 September) there were many options short of war with Iran after US ally Saudi Arabia displayed remnants of drones and missiles it said were used in a crippling attack on its oil sites that was "unquestionably sponsored" by Tehran.

The Future of War Is Already Here

By P. W. Singer

Saturday’s strike on Saudi Arabia is surrounded by uncertainties. But one thing is clear: The United States needs to be better prepared than the Saudis were.

Pompeo Calls Attacks on Saudi Arabia β€˜Act of War’ and Seeks Coalition to Counter Iran

By Ben Hubbard, David D. Kirkpatrick, Edward Wong and Richard PΓ©rez-PeΓ±a

The secretary of state’s words were the strongest so far from any American official regarding the attack on Saudi oil facilities last weekend.

The Secret of Yemen’s War? We Can End It

By Martin Griffiths

And we must, before it blows up the rest of the Middle East.

Trump Says Iran Appears Responsible for Saudi Attack but That He Wants to Avoid War

By Richard PΓ©rez-PeΓ±a, David D. Kirkpatrick and Michael Crowley

Mr. Trump, who has been trying to draw the Iranians into talks, appeared to seek a de-escalation, saying “I know they want to make a deal.”

Houthi Forces in Yemen Warn of More Attacks on Saudi Oil Systems

By Richard PΓ©rez-PeΓ±a

American officials have blamed Iran for the attacks on Saturday that slashed Saudi production, but the Houthi faction, allied with Iran, claimed responsibility.