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Tropical Storm Imelda Approaches Houston

By Mihir Zaveri

The storm is expected to drop six to 12 inches of rain, and could bring “life-threatening” flooding. Some schools canceled Wednesday classes.

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The Bahamas’ Big Need Is Tourists, It Says

By Frances Robles

The 700-island nation is in mourning after the devastation of Hurricane Dorian. But with the country dependent upon tourism, travel officials say that many hotels and resorts are open and eager for visitors.

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All Was Quiet at the Birmingham Weather Office. Until a Trump Forecast Brought a Storm.

By Steve Eder and Nicholas Bogel-Burroughs

Tornadoes are the most challenging tempests that the National Weather Service workers in Alabama typically handle. But all that changed with a faulty Hurricane Dorian tweet by the president.

Dorian-devastated Bahamas gears up for potential tropical cyclone

By Paulina Dedaj

Nearly two weeks after a Category 5 hurricane battered it’s shores, the Bahamas is expected to experience strong winds and rains as the National Hurricane Center issued a warning Friday for a potential tropical cyclone. 

Bahamas Is Spared as Tropical Storm Humberto Moves Away

By Rachel Knowles and Kirk Semple

The Bahamas had been bracing for a possible direct hit, but heavy rain appeared to be the worst of a new storm’s impact.

Cruise Ships, Long Contentious in Bahamas, Offer Lifeline After Dorian

By Frances Robles

After the Category 5 hurricane, companies that often have a difficult relationship with the Bahamas have stepped in to help with relief. But is it enough to repair their image?

New Potential Tropical Storm Threatens Bahamas

By Daniel Victor and Rachel Knowles

A weather system could bring up to six inches of rain and prompt flooding in an area already battered by Hurricane Dorian.

Former FEMA Official Accused of Taking Bribes in Hurricane Maria Recovery

By Patricia Mazzei and Frances Robles

Federal authorities arrested a former top FEMA official and the ex-president of a company that secured $1.8 billion in contracts to repair Puerto Rico’s power grid.

Bahamas Hurricane Survivors, Desperate for Respite, Seek Passage to U.S.

By Rachel Knowles, Frances Robles, Caitlin Dickerson and Patricia Mazzei

The rush to fill flights and ferries has raised questions about what immigration rules apply for Bahamians seeking refuge.

They Rode Out Dorian in the Outer Banks. Now Comes the Hard Part.

By Jack Healy

After Ocracoke Island, N.C., was evacuated, residents who stayed behind saw their village inundated by a storm surge. In its wake, they are taking stock of flooded homes, wrecked businesses and upended lives.

While No Longer a Hurricane, Dorian Still Inflicts Damage on Canada

By Ian Austen

More than 450,000 homes and businesses in three provinces were without power on Saturday as the storm, downgraded from a Category 2 hurricane struck the coast.

In Bahamas, Battered Residents Ask: Where Is Our Government?

By Kirk Semple, Frances Robles, Rachel Knowles and Elisabeth Malkin

The tiny island nation, with just 0.1 percent of the United States population, has been overwhelmed by the catastrophic storm. Its residents are losing patience with their government’s response.

One Thing We Can Do: Switch Light Bulbs

By Jillian Mock and Henry Fountain

Also this week, the tricky business of tracking hurricanes.

How One Bahamian Town, Nearly Destroyed, Is Coping After Dorian

By Kirk Semple

The small community of Treasure Cay, left without power, water or communication, is wrestling with the vast destruction wrought by the hurricane.

Hurricane Dorian Swamps North Carolina’s Outer Banks: Live Updates

By The New York Times

The Category 1 storm made landfall on the Outer Banks, where some people climbed into the attics of their homes to avoid surging floodwaters.