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New California governor recycles bill to limit individual gun sales

By Hollie McKay

Under the new leadership of California’s governor Gavin Newsom, a bill that was previously rejected by the outgoing Jerry Brown has been reintroduced in the legislature and seeks to curtail the number of guns California residents can buy to only one per month.

Bits: The Week in Tech: Amazon’s Burning Problems


Technology publications are asking pointed questions about the online retail company. And Apple had rare, surprising bad news about sales.

Judge Seeks Monitoring of CVS and Aetna During Antitrust Review


A federal judge overseeing the merger settlement wants the combined companies to keep some operations separate while he examines the $69 billion deal.

This woman almost died from a blood clot at 38

By Jill Schildhouse

An undiagnosed genetic mutation combined with birth control pills created the perfect storm for a limb-threatening deep vein thrombosis (DVT).