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Italy’s Conte admits defeat on budget, presents new plan to EU

By Gerardo Fortuna

Italy has admitted defeat and agreed to change its “beautiful” budget plan to avoid the opening of a disciplinary procedure against Rome.

Commission to judge in May France’s deficit deviation

By Jorge Valero

The European Commission will conclude in May whether France’s deficit slippage caused by new spending measures represents a limited and temporary deviation allowed by the rules.

Soccer Match Set for Saudi Arabia Puts Its Organizers on the Defensive


Saudi Arabia’s role in the killing of a journalist is creating uncomfortable dynamics for sports officials eager to feed the kingdom’s growing appetite for sports events.

Marrakesh UN forum adopts migration pact despite withdrawals

By Georgi Gotev

A United Nations conference adopted a migration pact in front of leaders and representatives from over 160 countries in Morocco on Monday (10 December), despite a string of withdrawals, including several EU countries, driven by anti-immigrant populism.

Why the U.S. Should Not Assist Italy in Forfeiting a Rare Bronze


The Justice Department has helped many countries gain back their rightful cultural possessions. This is a case that doesn’t warrant its involvement.

Salvini hails six months in power, wants to personally negotiate with EU

By Gerardo Fortuna

Italy's far-right Interior Minister Matteo Salvini spoke to thousands of supporters in a packed square in Rome on Saturday (8 December) as his surging League party celebrates six months in power. EURACTIV reports from Rome.

Books News: A New Book About Mussolini Is Provoking a Debate Over His Legacy


Antonio Scurati, the author of “M,” sees his book as an anti-fascist history lesson disguised as a novel. Others disagree.

Rome Gets a New Christmas Tree, Sponsored by Netflix. Will It Weather Social Media?


After last year’s tree became an international laughingstock because it was mangy, the government turns to Netflix to put on a better show.

At Least 6 Dead and Dozens Hurt After Stampede in Italian Nightclub


Panic broke out after midnight Saturday at the club in the small town of Corinaldo, where a popular rapper was scheduled to perform.

Host migrants or pay, France and Germany propose

By Georgi Gotev

European Union governments that refuse to host refugees could instead pay to be excused from the bloc's system of sharing out migrants, France and Germany proposed on Thursday (6 December) as they sought to end a long-running EU feud over migration.

The Father, the Son and the Sins of Italian Politics


Luigi Di Maio, Italy’s squeaky clean deputy prime minister, has long tarred opponents with the alleged misdeeds of their fathers. Now his father is under scrutiny.

Dozens of mafia suspects held in international sting

By Georgi Gotev

Police arrested dozens of suspected mobsters in Europe and South America on Wednesday (5 December) in a huge international swoop targeting Italy's notorious 'Ndrangheta mafia clan, officials said.

Italy Says 5 Egyptian Security Officials Are Suspects in Student’s Death


Giulio Regeni, a doctoral student at Cambridge, was found dead in Cairo in 2016. His killing has vexed relations between Egypt and Italy ever since.

Italians Arrest Top Mafia Bosses, Breaking Up New Mob Council


Officials said the arrests had stymied the efforts by mobsters in the Palermo area to reorganize their criminal activities under a single council.

City Kitchen: A Beloved Sicilian Street Food Comes Inside


Hearty and full of flavor, sfincione is easily made at home — no finesse or screaming hot oven necessary.

Italian Court Rules Getty Museum Must Return a Prized Bronze


Italian officials and the California museum have fought for more than a decade over this 2000-year-old statue dredged up by Italian fishermen.

IPTV drives piracy in Italy

By Chris Dziadul

Close to 5 million Italians now watch sports and movies illegally on IPTV.

Quoting data from Ipsos research commissioned by the Federation for the Protection of Audiovisual and Multimedia Content (Fapav), Il Sole 24 ore reports that three out of four pirates watch football, with the next most popular sports being Formula One, Moto GP and tennis.

All told, live sports events are pirated 21 million times a year, and IPTV has increased the possibility ten-fold. It is also the technology favoured by 35% of streaming pirates, and all told 4.6 million Italians over the age of 15 watch sports content illegally.

Illegal IPTV allows them to access all TV channels, including paid content, for between €10-15 a month. Moreover, many choose to pay by credit card, knowing the content is being offered illegally and their card is traceable.

Federico Bganoli Rossi, the president of Fapav, has estimated the impact of piracy on the industry in Italy to be over €1 billion and also putting 5,700 jobs at risk.

Meanwhile, Maria Vittoria De Simone, deputy national prosecutor of the DNA (national anti-mafia and anti-terrorism), has said that piracy results in the loss of €369 million to Italy’s GDP.

The most effective of fighting it is to adopt a “follow the money” strategy.