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Eric Trump Will Comply With N.Y. Inquiry, but Only After Election

By Ed Shanahan

Mr. Trump’s lawyers said in a court filing that he was willing to be interviewed by investigators after voters cast their presidential ballots.

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NASA spots first possible 'survivor' planet hugging a white dwarf star

By James Rogers

NASA’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) and the space agency’s retired Spitzer Space Telescope have been used to spot the first possible ‘survivor’ planet hugging a white dwarf star.

Perfectly preserved prehistoric cave bear discovered on Russian Arctic island

By James Rogers

The perfectly preserved remains of a prehistoric cave bear have been discovered by reindeer herders on a remote island in the Russian Arctic.

Humpback whales take 'wrong turn' and enter crocodile-infested river

By James Rogers

A group of humpback whales reportedly made a “wrong turn” and ended up in a crocodile-infested river in Australia.

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Trump Gets β€˜Fox & Friend-Zoned’

By Trish Bendix

“Wow, Steve Doocy just told the president of the United States, ‘Don’t call us, we’ll call you,’” Trevor Noah joked after President Trump announced on-air he’d call into “Fox & Friends” every week and the co-host suggested otherwise.

James Gordon Bennett Medal Is Renamed by F.D.N.Y.

By Ali Watkins

The James Gordon Bennett Medal will now be named for Chief Peter J. Ganci, who was killed in the Sept. 11 terror attacks.

Trump’s Whole Brand Is Panic, Trevor Noah Says

By Trish Bendix

The “Daily Show” host was amazed to hear the president say he’d downplayed Covid-19 to avoid creating a panic. Panic is “literally his favorite thing,” Noah said.

Federal Prosecutors Intervene to Charge 2 Over Rochester Protests

By Ed Shanahan

The men are accused of civil disorder, in the latest move by the federal authorities to target those they say are bent on causing violence.