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Save Capitalism by Paying People More

By Tom Wilson

Changing the role of shareholders is only a start. Boards and C.E.O.s must create more higher-paying jobs.

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Job Training Can Change Lives. See How San Antonio Does It.

By Nelson D. Schwartz

A program with an intensive approach offers a rare success story in producing lasting wage gains. Its guiding principle: “We will not let them fail.”

Dutch official unemployment rate drops to 3.3%

By robin
The number of job vacancies in the Netherlands was almost the same as the number of people officially without a...

At Chemical Plant Under Construction, Trump Builds List of Grievances

By Lola Fadulu and Maggie Haberman

Mr. Trump railed against China, President Obama, the lawsuits he’s facing, and, as always, his media coverage.

It’s 2043. We Need a New American Dream for the A.I. Revolution.

By Baobao Zhang

The benefits of automation should be broadly distributed through an expanded social safety net.

Trump Finds a Brawler for His War on Workers

By Nicholas Kristof

America’s working class is in desperate shape, and its longtime protectors — unions — have lost much of their power.

After ICE Raids, the Parking Lot Was Crowded, but No One Was There to Work

By Richard Fausset

At a chicken processing plant in Morton, Miss., relatives and friends of the workers swept up in the raids came to collect what had been left behind.

Italy’s Biggest Economic Problem? It’s Still Italy

By Peter S. Goodman

Political chaos and confrontation with the European Union over spending rules have reinforced what a finance professor calls the country’s “serial stagnation.”

Help for the Economy? Despite Grumbling, Trump Has Had Plenty

By Jim Tankersley, Jeanna Smialek and Ben Casselman

The Fed and Congress have given President Trump the most growth-friendly climate in decades. But the trade war may test its limits.