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Rikers Would Close in Historic Plan to Remake N.Y. Jail System

By Matthew Haag

The City Council is expected to approve an $8 billion plan on Thursday to close the complex by 2026 and build four new jails that could become a national model.

The Way Forward in Syria

By Sinan Ulgen

The United States and Europe are erroneously banking on sanctioning Turkey to contain the fallout in Syria.

U.S. Indicts Turkish Bank on Charges of Evading Iran Sanctions

By Eric Lipton

The charges against Halkbank were announced as President Trump, having allowed Turkish-backed forces to invade Syria, is looking to take a tougher stand against Turkey.

In Poland, Nationalism With a Progressive Touch Wins Voters

By Marc Santora

The ruling Law and Justice party looks likely to hang onto power in elections on Sunday by using an unusual blend of populism and progressive policy.

The Democratic Debate Is Coming to Ohio, Where a Party Battle Is Already Underway

By Trip Gabriel

Morgan Harper is challenging Representative Joyce Beatty in a solid blue Ohio district, the latest front in the Democratic clash between left and far left.

In Pivotal Vote in Poland, Many See a Test for Democracy

By Marc Santora

In four years since coming to power, the Law and Justice party has tried to reshape the country in ways that critics say undermine democracy and the rule of law.

Poland’s State Media Is Government’s Biggest Booster Before Election

By Marc Santora and Joanna Berendt

With state television firmly under the control of the ruling party, it has proved itself more valuable than any billboard or advertising campaign.

Trump Taxes: Justice Dept. Asks Judges to Block Subpoena

By Benjamin Weiser and William K. Rashbaum

But the department did not agree with President Trump’s lawyers that a sitting president is immune from criminal investigation.

710 Nights in a Turkish Prison

By Osman Kavala

Lobbing grave allegations without evidence, combing for evidence after arrests and prolonging detention have become standard practices.

The Brief, powered by the Martens Centre – Mind the gap (or lose)

By Alexandra Brzozowski

Poland's ruling conservative Law and Justice party (PiS) is on track for a remarkable re-election win this Sunday, in what many call the country’s most fateful ballot in years.

Fair enough? The EU’s guilty neglect of fair trade

By Deborah Martens, Jan Orbie

EU policy makers need to stop conflating free trade with fair trade and instead promote trade deals and radical trade reforms that will genuinely deliver trade justice, write Jan Orbie and Deborah Martens.

For Poland, Nobel Prize in Literature Is Cause for Conflict as Much as Congratulation

By Marc Santora and Joanna Berendt

When Olga Tokarczuk of Poland won the prize, the reaction was as divided as is the country itself. To some, she is an eloquent writer who captures Poland’s tragic history. To others, she is a traitor.

Commission refers Poland to top EU court over treatment of judiciary

By Zoran Radosavljevic with Alexandra Brzozowski

The European Commission referred Poland to the EU's Court of Justice on Thursday (10 (October) in order to "protect judges from political control" enforced by Poland's ruling conservative PiS party.