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Kristan Hawkins: Just say NO to drug experiments on babies

By Kristan Hawkins

 The University of Washington has received nearly $200,000 to undertake a study that is ethically dubious; having pregnant mothers use cannabis in order to study the effect of the drug on preborn babies.

Pentagon ground tests fighter-jet launched hypersonic weapon

By Kris Osborn

Traveling at 5-times the speed of sound, skipping off the boundary of the upper atmosphere and descending upon enemy targets with unprecedented speed, emerging hypersonic weapons promise to massively reshape offensive combat tactics.

Could a low-yield, sub-launch nuclear missile stop a Russian first strike?

By Kris Osborn

Could a low-yield Submarine Launched Ballistic Missile help stop a Russian-launched first nuclear strike by ensuring a proportional response and holding enemy targets at risk of a precise, tailored nuclear attack? Conversely, could a newly emerging low-yield nuclear weapon lower the threshold to a dangerous limited or large scale nuclear war? Could potential adversaries mistake a conventional cruise missile for a nuclear weapon -- and therefore launch a nuclear weapon?

US Special Ops want A-29 Super Tucanos to battle terrorists in Africa

By Kris Osborn

Members of Congress would like to see a more expansive use of the A-29 Super Tucano aircraft in various global hotspots as a way to support US Special Operations Forces and continue needed counterinsurgency efforts.

Sustainable financing can no longer operate as a niche, German finance expert says

By Alicia Prager

In an interview with EURACTIV Germany, Deutsche Börse Group's head of sustainability management, Kristina Jeromin, spoke about the increasing involvement of shareholders in the activities of their respective companies and explained why she considers 'Greenwashing' accusations to be destructive.

Battle flag carried by black Union troops hits auction block


A hand-painted flag carried into battle by a black Union regiment during the Civil War is going up for auction in Pennsylvania.

Air Force stealthy B-2 gets new 'massive firepower' starting this year

By Kris Osborn

New weapons and technologies arming the Air Force’s stealthy B-2 bombers are expected to bring “massive firepower to even the most heavily-defended targets,” according to an official service acquisition report.

D-Day 1944: Navy battleship 16-inch guns bombarded Nazis at Omaha Beach

By Kris Osborn

Struggling to withstand dangerous Nazi attacks on U.S. supply boats, three famous U.S. Navy battleships faced heavy resistance as they closed-in on the German-held Cotentin Peninsula as part of the D-Day invasion of Omaha Beach.

New Navy ocean attack plan combines air, surface and undersea drones

By Kris Osborn

Should an enemy submarine surface well beyond undersea or surface drone detection range and send intelligence to attack platforms - US Navy platforms could be vulnerable in some instances. Fortified by targeting data from well beyond the horizon, enemy subs, planes and ships might, in this case, be well-positioned for a coordinated strike.

These Two Really Funny Debuts Both Start With a Dead Body

By Melissa Febos

Kristen Arnett’s “Mostly Dead Things” and Nicholas Mancusi’s “A Philosophy of Ruin” both explore grief through humor.

Navy starts building new massive, 50-ton undersea attack drone

By Kris Osborn

The Navy is planning to launch a massive, 50-ton undersea drone to expand mission scope, increase attack options, integrate large high-tech sensors, further safeguard manned combat crews and possibly fire torpedoes -- all while waging war under the ocean surface.

Gender balance becomes paramount in race for top EU jobs

By Alexandra Brzozowski, Beatriz Rios, Gerardo Fortuna, Jorge Valero, Sam Morgan

Initial battle lines were drawn between member states over who will replace Jean-Claude Juncker as European Commission President on Tuesday (28 May) as EU leaders met to discuss “no names, just process”, in preparation for a decisive summit in June.

SΓ‘nchez and Macron open the top EU jobs talk

By Georgi Gotev

Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez will meet with French President Emmanuel Macron in Paris on Monday (27 May) and is expected to lobby for several socialist and social-democrat candidates for EU top jobs, as member states and political groups start jockeying for position.

Military sealift may need more help to get combat vehicles to Europe

By Kris Osborn

As the Pentagon accelerates its pivot toward great power competition and moves beyond 15 years of counterinsurgency, the US military continues to build up forces, increase training and conduct exercises with regional allies in both the European and Pacific theaters.  

Air Force surges toward first B-21 stealth bomber test aircraft

By Kris Osborn

The Air Force now appears to be testing components and building initial models of its new, highly-secret B-21 stealth bomber, a platform intended to hold any target at risk, anywhere in the world, at any time, for decades to come.