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My Mom, My Dad and Amazon’s Alexa

By Rachel Simon

Watching my parents play “Jeopardy!” with Alexa gave me an illuminating window into their marriage — one that showed who they were as a couple, without me.

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Netanyahu blasts rival Benny Gantz, cites two advisers who likened Trump to Hitler

By Charles Creitz

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sat down with Mark Levin for an interview airing on "Life, Liberty & Levin" Sunday, days before Israelis go to the polls for the country's third general election in fewer than 11 months.

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Microbes Point the Way to Shipwrecks

By Katherine Kornei

Distinct microbiomes flourish around sunken ships as they become artificial reefs, new research in the Gulf of Mexico reveals.

Jeremy O. Harris: Brandon Taylor β€˜Subjugates Us With the Deft Hand of a Dom’

By Jeremy O. Harris

In the debut novel “Real Life,” a biochemistry Ph.D. candidate confronts the harder lessons of how to be a gay black man in a white world.

YouTuber Jake Paul wants youth to drop school and pay him to become influencers

By Gerren Keith Gaynor

Paul is offering his young fan base tools on how to bypass school and the traditional 9-5 to “achieve their dreams” – all for a fee, of course.

5 most expensive US cities to live in

By Bradford Betz

All throughout the United States, the cost of living is rising, forcing many residents to flee major cities for cheaper, more inexpensive places.

So You Got Financial Aid for College. But How Do You Pay for the Rest of It?

By Jeffrey Selingo

More families are now struggling to fill the tuition gap after their financial aid falls short, forcing them to make some difficult decisions.