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Global Stocks Plummet Over Coronavirus Concerns

By Keith Bradsher

U.S. markets were expected to start the week sharply lower, following a sell-off of shares in Europe after more infections were confirmed outside China.

What Time is the Kobe Bryant Memorial: How to Watch

By Scott Cacciola

“A Celebration of Life for Kobe and Gianna Bryant” is expected to run on Monday from about 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., Pacific time.

What the Jury's Note Could Mean for a Verdict in the Weinstein Trial

By Alan Feuer

A tantalizing question sent to the trial judge left many people wondering if the jurors were nearing a conviction.

Tom Steyer Stirs More Debate Over Payments in South Carolina

By Stephanie Saul

Mr. Steyer, a billionaire running for president, rents his campaign headquarters in South Carolina from a daughter of the state’s most powerful Democrat, Representative James Clyburn.

Photos of Modi’s Big Party for Trump in India

By The New York Times

“Namaste Trump,” the prime minister’s unabashed homage to the U.S. president, took over a 110,000-seat cricket stadium.

Freesat launches third generation 4K TV boxes

By Julian Clover

Freesat has announced the launch of a third generation of set-top boxes.

The range includes three new recordable boxes and a zapper device. They’ll be available from Amazon from the end of February and from Currys PC World shortly afterwards.

They’ve been developed in partnership with Commscope, the former ARRIS.

In addition to the free-to-air satellite platforms 180 TV channels (including over 20 in HD), multiple radio channels and a wide range of On Demand players, including BBC iPlayer and ITV Hub, as well as optional pay streaming services such as Netflix and YouTube.

The boxes are 4K ready, enabling a UHD viewing experience where such content is available incorporating a range of features including a 7-day backwards guide. Content from up to 4 channels can be recorded at any one time. The 2TB box can store up to 1,000 hours of SD content.

Alistair Thom, Managing Director of Freesat said, “Our research has shown us time and again that customers appreciate the freedom of choice that our hybrid TV system offers and value the ability to curate their own viewing. Our new generation range of set top boxes allows them to do just that, with easy set-up, a huge range of viewing options and a fast, reliable service that is 4K ready. I’m confident that we’ve produced a platform that will grow and evolve in line with customers’ viewing habits.”

The 4K TV Box 2TB box costs £269.99, while the zapper is £124.99.

Property Tax Standoff: β€˜The Political Will to Do This Does Not Exist’

By J. David Goodman

A coalition of developers and civil rights activists is pushing hard for property tax changes in New York, but the obstacles are formidable.

Hungary outlines DVB-T2 transition

By Chris Dziadul

The technology used to distribute the Hungarian pay-DTT platform MinDig TV Extra will change from March 3.

According to its operator Antenna Hungária, the transition to DVB-T2 will take place in 10 steps between March and August, with the first phase affecting subscribers in the north east and east of the country.

The latter will see a full or partial shutdown from 07.00 to 19.00 on March 3, after which they will be required to use new receivers supplied by Antenna Hungária to receive the service.

As previously reported by Broadband TV News, Antenna Hungária was due to perform frequency swaps at all 91 digital terrestrial sites on February 4.

It first outlined its future DTT plans last November, having earlier seen its licence to operate Hungary’s terrestrial network renewed for a further 12 years.

Can Corporations Stop Climate Change?

One letter to executives around the world has prioritized climate change on corporate agendas. But will this make a difference without government regulation?

Can Corporations Stop Climate Change?

One letter to executives around the world has prioritized climate change on corporate agendas. But will this make a difference without government regulation?

Emitel secures new funding

By Chris Dziadul

The Polish national transmission company Emitel has signed a loan agreement with a consortium of six banks.

As a result, it has secured financing of PLN1.5 billion (€350 million) and with an option for this to be increased to PLN1.6 billion upon certain conditions.

The loan will be used to repay the debt resulting from the loan agreement signed in 2016 and, depending on Emitel’s requirements, to finance operating activities of the company and the investments related to its development plans. The contract was concluded for 3.5 years and the closing (release of funds) will take place in the near future, following the satisfaction of the conditions precedent.

Commenting on the development, Aleksander Skolozynski, Emitel management board member and CFO, said: “Our usual approach is to refinance credit liabilities duly in advance, and today’s agreement continues this policy. We have obtained optimal conditions for the company, and ensured a stable source of financing for our business. I thank all the financing banks for their trust and positive assessment of our long-term business assumptions”.

Jim Metcalfe, Managing Partner of Alinda Capital Partners and member of the supervisory board of Emitel, added: “In the coming years, Emitel will have to carry out a large-scale refarming project of the 700Mhz band, and change the broadcasting standard to DVB-T2. In addition, the company intends to further invest in the telecommunications infrastructure, in particular for mobile operators in connection with the planned development of the 5G network in Poland. Therefore, ensuring stable financing of company’s operations for the coming years is key”.

The loan is denominated in PLN and its interest rate was determined on the basis of the base rate plus a margin. The remaining terms of the loan are also in line with market conditions.

The consortium of banks with which the agreement was signed comprised Bank Handlowy w Warszawie S.A., Bank Pekao S.A., DNB Bank ASA, DNB Bank Polska S.A. (acting also as the agent), PKO Bank Polski S.A. and Société Générale.

From Bonn to Vienna, in Search of Beethoven, the Man

By Michael Cooper

It’s the composer’s 250th birthday, and a pilgrimage shines new light on his art and life.

Debating the Value of PSA Prostate Screening

By Jane E. Brody

In many men identified as having prostate cancer following PSA screening, the disease is neither aggressive nor likely to kill them before something else does.

Milk and Juice Are Not as Needed as You Might Think

By Aaron E. Carroll

There are reasons to question an expert panel’s recommendations for children.

When a Teenager’s Irregular Periods Are Cause for Concern

By Perri Klass, M.D.

One common cause is polycystic ovary syndrome, or PCOS, which is difficult to diagnose in adolescents.

As Trump Barricades the Border, Legal Immigration Is Beginning to Plunge

By Zolan Kanno-Youngs

President Trump’s border wall is beginning to rise, but a thick curtain of policy changes is more responsible for suppressing the flow of immigrants into the country.

As the Start-Up Boom Deflates, Tech Is Humbled

By Erin Griffith

Layoffs. Shutdowns. Uncertainty. After a decade of prosperity, many hot young companies are facing a reckoning.

Impact of the Coronavirus Ripples Across Asia: β€˜It Has Been Quiet, Like a Cemetery’

By Patrick Scott

Across the region, from Japan to Thailand, tourist sites, hotels and shops have emptied out as fear of the outbreak has shut down travel.

β€˜Better Call Saul’ Season 5 Premiere Recap: Just Chilling

By David Segal

Finally, an appearance by the title character (and his wardrobe), in the best season premiere of the series to date.