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Charles Booker Says Progressives Should β€˜Show Up and Listen’ to Deep Red Districts

By Isabella GrullΓ³n Paz

Mr. Booker, who narrowly lost a Democratic Senate primary in Kentucky, talked about how to get rural voters on board with a progressive message, saying structural inequality affects all people who feel left behind.

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Hickenlooper Wins in Colorado, McGrath Will Face McConnell in Kentucky

By Jonathan Martin and Adam Nagourney

Ms. McGrath and John Hickenlooper, two moderate Democrats, prevailed in their Senate primaries on Tuesday. In Oklahoma, voters approved a Medicaid expansion.

What to Watch in Kentucky Election Results and Colorado Senate Race

By Adam Nagourney

A challenger to Senator Mitch McConnell should finally emerge, and John Hickenlooper is trying to win his Senate primary in Colorado, among other races unfolding on Tuesday.

The Senate Just Confirmed its 200th Judge of the Trump Era

By Carl Hulse

The confirmation of the Mississippian, over Democratic opposition, fills the final appeals court vacancy and makes him the 200th judge installed by President Trump.

Senate Democrats Block G.O.P. Police Bill, Calling It β€˜Inadequate’

By Catie Edmondson

The vote reflected the waning likelihood that Congress would be able to reach an election-year compromise on legislation to address racial bias in policing.

Booker and McGrath Intensify Advertising Blitz in Kentucky

By Nick Corasaniti

As the Democratic primary between Amy McGrath and Charles Booker gets tighter, Mr. Booker has closed the gap in ad spending as both make a final push before Tuesday’s voting.

I’m Not a Dad, but I Rock Like One

By Lindsay Zoladz

A millennial woman had a realization last summer: Decades after enduring her father’s music on car rides as a child, she entered a Steely Dan phase.

Mitch McConnell Nears His Benchmark

By Carl Hulse

With confirmation of his protégé to a powerful court, the G.O.P. leader is on the brink of his goal to fill all vacancies at the appellate level by year’s end.

In Kentucky, Racial Justice Movement Transforms Quest to Oust McConnell

By Jonathan Martin

Amy McGrath was considered a safe bet in the Democratic primary. But the recent movement for racial justice has elevated the candidacy of her African-American rival, Charles Booker, in the race to defeat Mitch McConnell.

The Long Battle Over β€˜Gone With the Wind’

By Jennifer Schuessler

The 1939 blockbuster once symbolized the ultimate in mass entertainment. But African-Americans have protested against it from the start, even if white America didn’t want to hear it.

Merriam-Webster Revises β€˜Racism’ Entry After Missouri Woman Asks for Changes

By Christine Hauser

Kennedy Mitchum, 22, said the dictionary definition needed to be expanded to include systemic racism. The dictionary’s editors agreed.

G.O.P. Scrambles to Respond to Public Demands for Police Overhaul

By Catie Edmondson and Nicholas Fandos

Republicans have been startled by the extent to which public opinion has shifted in recent days after the killings of unarmed black Americans by the police and the protests that have followed.

That Trump Tweet? Republicans Prefer Not to See It

By Emily Cochrane

Even when presented with a printout of the president’s incendiary Twitter comment, Republicans toiled to avoid commenting.

As Amazon Rises, So Does the Opposition

By David Streitfeld

Stacy Mitchell knew that taking on a trillion-dollar company would be a lopsided fight. But the pandemic has not only made Amazon more essential. It has also made it vulnerable.