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United launches color-coded process for streamlined boarding

By Janine Puhak

Navigating the airport is about to get a whole lot easier for United Airlines customers, as the carrier has rolled out a color-coded process to streamline boarding across all of its 1,000 gates worldwide.

EasyJet passenger dragged off flight by cops for making a comment about β€˜blowing the plane up’

By Rob Pattinson

The airline removed the passenger over a dispute on the tarmac at Luton when he was asked not to walk under the plane's wings. After telling staff to "f*** off" the unruly passenger then threatened to blow the plane up.

TripAdvisor forced to suspend reviews for plastic 'Bude tunnel' after it becomes highest rated attraction

The travel website said they made the decision to stop reviews of the tunnel in the town of Bude because of “an influx of review submissions” that “do not describe a first-hand experience.”

Man fined $52 for causing Phoenix airport terminal shutdown

A man who caused a busy terminal at Phoenix's airport to shut down for hours after abandoning a rental car in a no-parking area isn't facing charges.

TripAdvisor will launch social media component, hopes to help users 'plan and book' in one go

By Michael Bartiromo

Just in case your Facebook and Instagram feeds aren’t already filled to the brim with friends’ photos of glamorous trips and picture-perfect meals, TripAdvisor would like you to satiate any leftover wanderlust with their its own social media platform.