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Georgia teen stabbed mother 11 times, police say

By Samuel Chamberlain

Authorities in Georgia arrested a 17-year-old boy early Wednesday on charges that he stabbed his mother 11 times in an attack that left her in critical condition.

Autopsy: Man shot 9 times by campus police in Oregon


Two campus security officers in Oregon fired 17 times at a legally armed black man who was trying to break up a fight and struck him nine times, killing him, according to a report released Wednesday.

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Arkansas inmate released from prison after judge's ruling


An Arkansas man whose 1992 murder conviction was overturned with the help of the Midwest Innocence Project was freed from prison Wednesday, describing the moment as "surreal" and saying he plans to meet up with his fiancée before traveling to see family in Las Vegas.

Shooter dead, at least 4 injured in shooting at court

One person is dead in a shooting outside of a judge's office in Pennsylvania, a Fayette County 911 center official confirmed, but said they did not have information about the identity.

Prosecutor: Suspect tied rope around neck of slain woman


A North Dakota man accused of helping to kill a pregnant woman tightened a rope around her neck after his girlfriend sliced the baby from the victim's womb, a prosecutor said Wednesday, later suggesting the girlfriend couldn't have restrained the mom-to-be alone.

US Rep: Atheists trying to spy on Christian student groups

A northwest Louisiana congressman says "atheist litigation groups" are trying to spy on Christian student groups at a school in his district.

Police: Kansas couple allegedly drinking before baby's death

A Kansas couple had "been drunk for about a week" before one of their 2-month-old twins died in a Wichita motel room where mold and curdled-milk filled bottles were found, authorities allege.

Owner of 3D-printed gun company accused of sex with minor


The owner of a Texas company that is being sued by several states over its plan to disseminate blueprints for making untraceable 3D-printed guns had sex with an underage girl and paid her $500 afterward, police allege in an affidavit filed Wednesday.