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If we lose free speech on college and university campuses, we lose America

By Kristan Hawkins

The criminalization of free speech on college and university campuses has reached epidemic proportions as simply expressing a point of view that runs counter to academic conventional wisdom can lead to ostracization and loss of basic freedoms.

Remains of Utah pilot killed in WWII finally returned for proper burial

By Frank Miles

The remains of a World War II pilot shot down in Germany have arrived back in his home state of Utah, where they are expected to be buried.

Colorado sheriffs who won't enforce anti-gun 'red flag' law should 'resign,' state AG says

By Gregg Re

Colorado's attorney general testified said week that country sheriffs vowing not  to enforce the state's proposed anti-gun "red flag" bill should simply "resign" -- a challenge that threatened to dramatically ramp up tensions between state officials and local leaders who were already creating droves of so-called Second Amendment "sanctuary counties" to resist the legislation.

Burial program for veterans in Texas reaches milestone, as 100th unaccompanied veteran laid to rest

By Travis Fedschun

As dozens gathered Tuesday at Central Texas State Veterans Cemetery to show their respects at a funeral for an unaccompanied veteran, the 100th such service, a state agency announced the milestone to give a proper sendoff to those who served their country.