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Watch Octavia Spencer Take a Dark Turn in β€˜Ma’

The Oscar-winning actress shows a new side in this scene, narrated by the director Tate Taylor.

β€˜Ma’ Review: Octavia Spencer Serves Up Liquor, Terror and a Killer Performance

By A.O. Scott

A psycho-revenge thriller from the director of “The Help”? Why not! Just don’t expect a coherent story line.

Octavian Rau to head Moldovan regulator

By Chris Dziadul

Octavian Rau has been appointed the new director of the Moldovan regulator ANRCETI.

According to ANRCETI, he was presented to its employees by Chiril Gaburici, the country’s minister of economy and infrastructure.

Gaburici wished Rau great success and insisted on constructive collaboration between the ministry and ANRCETI because the IT sector is becoming increasingly attractive to investors and is up 9% from last year.

Furthermore, as a share of GDP it has reached 6.6% and is growing.