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Fed Chair Powell Warns of Possible Economic Fallout From Coronavirus

By Jeanna Smialek

The virus could affect the global economy, the Federal Reserve head told Congress. He also signaled comfort with leaving interest rates unchanged.

After Oprah’s Departure, Film About Simmons Accusers Finds New Home

By Nicole Sperling

The new streaming service HBO Max will carry “On the Record” after Oprah Winfrey’s decision to back out amid a pressure campaign by the hip-hop impresario.

Review: HBO’s β€˜McMillions’ Reminds Us That Every Era Has Its Scam

By Margaret Lyons

A six-part documentary tells the story of the great 20th-century McDonald’s Monopoly fraud case with quirky characters and lackluster visuals.

Plans for Alabama’s Deadly Prisons β€˜Won’t Fix the Horrors’

By Katie Benner

A panel appointed by the governor acknowledged that its recommendations could not fully address what the Justice Department has called “severe, systemic” conditions.

Wells Fargo’s Ex-Chief Fined $17.5 Million Over Fake Accounts

By Stacy Cowley and Emily Flitter

John Stumpf and two other former executives were fined Thursday, and Wells Fargo’s chief federal regulator said it would seek penalties against five others.

With His Fourth Book, Charles Yu Finally Feels Like a Writer

By Adam Sternbergh

“Interior Chinatown” explores Asian-American stereotypes, something that captivated the novelist and TV writer as he thought about stars, supporting characters and who gets to play the lead.

Gary Starkweather, Inventor of the Laser Printer, Dies at 81

By Cade Metz

He originally received pushback from his employer, Xerox. But his invention eventually became nearly ubiquitous in every office and home.

How to Navigate a Flood of Streaming TV Subscriptions

By Eric Ravenscraft

We wanted à la carte television, and now we have it — and it costs more than cable. Here’s how to watch your favorite shows without overpaying for a dozen apps.

Review: HBO’s β€˜Avenue 5,’ a Tale of a Fateful Trip (in Space)

By Mike Hale

Armando Iannucci’s new comedy, starring Hugh Laurie as the captain of an interplanetary cruise ship, is a long, long way from “Veep.”

75 Drug Cartel Members Tunnel Out of Paraguay Prison

By Santi Carneri and Ernesto LondoΓ±o

The government had known for weeks that a Brazilian drug cartel was plotting a prison break, but it was unable to stop it.