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The Legend of the Ridiculously Long Montauk Bathroom Line

By Alyson Krueger

It was a quirky rite of passage, until the queues at Surf Lodge spilled onto the street and its septic system leaked into a pond.

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BP shareholders demand climate action, but reject calls for hard targets

By Dave Keating

An overwhelming vote in favour of climate action at BP's annual meeting yesterday (21 May) shows how activist investors have started to move the oil and gas industry. But it also showed the limits to their appetite for change.

Iran seeks to prove it can disrupt oil and gas exports from Arab Gulf States

By Hasan Alhasan

A recent attack on Saudi oil facilities west of Riyadh were designed to demonstrate Tehran’s ability to target all of the region’s oil and gas exports and raise exponentially the cost of military conflict for the US and its allies in the Gulf region, writes Hasan Alhasan.

Polishing the Silver


For these senior citizens, keeping up appearances is simply part of good health.

James Charles, From β€˜CoverBoy’ to Canceled


The 19-year-old internet personality and makeup artist has provoked the ire of beauty YouTube.

Yemen’s Houthi Rebels Attack Saudi Oil Facilities, Escalating Tensions in Gulf


The attacks by the Iranian-backed Houthis came after reports of attacks on oil tankers. The incidents stoked fears of a military clash with Iran.

Bye-Bye, Bathroom Attendants?


A profession affected by gender neutrality, changing mores and the cashless economy.

Iran and the US are inching toward war

By Dnyanesh Kamat

There can be little doubt now that Iran and the US are inching toward full-scale war. All attempts by either to force a change in the other’s behavior have come to nothing. Conflict now seems inevitable, writes Dnyanesh Kamat.

Carly Hoilman: Georgia 'heartbeat' bill passage sends powerful message to Hollywood, Washington

By Carly Hoilman

On Tuesday, Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp signed the Living Infants Fairness and Equality (LIFE) Act into law, sending a clear message to many pro-abortion opponents in Hollywood and Washington that their intimidation tactics have failed.

Meanwhile: To Combat Climate Change, Start From the Ground Up (With Dirt)


Dirt is dead, but soil is alive — packed with nutrients and boasting properties that keep carbon out of the atmosphere.

Interior Dept. Loosens Offshore-Drilling Safety Rules Dating From Deepwater Horizon


The loosening of regulations on offshore drilling equipment has been a been a key piece of President Trump’s efforts to ease restrictions on fossil fuel companies.

Methane: Europe’s chronic climate blind spot

By Poppy Kalesi

Europe has long led the global charge against greenhouse gas pollution. But it has been chronically reluctant to address the climate impact of methane emissions from the oil and gas sector, writes Poppy Kalesi.

Surfers Fight to Block Oil Drilling in the Great Australian Bight


Opponents of drilling in the pristine waters, home to some of the world’s most unusual marine life, are turning beaches into protest zones.