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Poor and Desperate, Pakistani Hindus Accept Islam to Get By

By Maria Abi-Habib and Zia ur-Rehman

Drawn by jobs or land offered by Muslim groups, some Hindus, facing discrimination and a virus-ravaged economy, are essentially converting to survive.

Border Clashes With Pakistan Leave 15 Afghan Civilians Dead, Officials Say

By Taimoor Shah and Mujib Mashal

Anger over the closing of the border because of coronavirus fears triggers demonstrations, and then artillery barrages.

American Accused of Blasphemy Is Killed in Pakistan Courtroom

By Salman Masood

The shooting of Tahir Ahmad Naseem drew strong U.S. condemnation of Pakistan’s blasphemy laws, which are often used to persecute and intimidate religious minorities.

What’s With All the Covid-Death Shaming?

By Mohammed Hanif

Some Pakistanis won’t say they are losing family members to the pandemic because they don’t want to bury the bodies alone.

Militant siege on Pakistan stock exchange leaves at least 3 dead

By Greg Norman

A group of militants armed with grenades and automatic rifles laid siege to the Pakistan Stock Exchange on Monday, killing at least three people before being taken out by special police forces. 

New Zealand reports third new coronavirus case brought from outside country

By Stephen Sorace

A man who flew from Pakistan to New Zealand tested positive for the coronavirus this week, becoming the country’s third reported case in a traveler in a matter of days, health officials said Thursday.

Pakistan’s Lockdown Ended a Month Ago. Now Hospital Signs Read β€˜Full.’

By Zia ur-Rehman, Salman Masood and Maria Abi-Habib

Medical workers are falling ill in Pakistan at alarming rates as the country registers at least 100,000 new coronavirus cases since the lockdown was lifted.

India Faces Swarm of Locusts

By Jeffrey Gettleman and Suhasini Raj

Blizzards of bugs are descending on India at an already tough time. Scientists say climate change is making the infestation worse.

India Shot Down a Satellite, Modi Says, Shifting Balance of Power in Asia


The test could destabilize the balance of power between India and Pakistan and escalate the rivalry with China. With elections near, Mr. Modi played the news for maximum effect.