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Today β€” January 29th 2020Your RSS feeds

Macron launches charm offensive to win over Poland

By Aline Robert

French President Emmanuel Macron will pay his first visit to Poland on 3 and 4 February. With the two countries not seeing eye to eye on several issues, including the rule of law and climate protection, this is expected to be an interesting meeting. EURACTIV France reports.

Roger Scruton Was a Conservative. But What Kind?

By Robert P. George

The philosopher, who died this month, defied stereotypes by remaining true to his moral sensibility.

Impeachment Enters Volatile New Phase as Senators Get to Ask Their Questions

By Michael D. Shear

Under impeachment’s arcane rules, senators will submit written queries to be read aloud by the chief justice. Leaders from both parties have strategized for days about what to ask.

Biden Aides Weigh Pursuing an Iowa Caucus Alliance With Klobuchar

By Jonathan Martin and Alexander Burns

Amy Klobuchar’s campaign signaled no interest in such a plan, under which each candidate would encourage supporters to back the other in certain precincts.

Mother of β€˜Success Kid’ Demands Steve King Stop Using His Meme

By Alan Yuhas

She fears the copyrighted photo of her son, now 13, will become associated with the “bigotry” of Representative King, an Iowa Republican who used it in a campaign fund-raising ad.

Will There Be Witnesses? Awaiting a Senate Vote

Readers discuss whether enough Republicans will defy their leadership and vote to hear from John Bolton. Also: The New York Civil Liberties Union, on bail reform.

Yesterday β€” January 28th 2020Your RSS feeds

How Impeachment Puts Doug Jones in a No-Win Situation in Alabama

By Jeremy W. Peters

Mr. Jones, the lone Democratic senator from the Deep South, is in a precarious political position as he cautiously approaches impeachment in a state where President Trump is immensely popular.

On Politics: A Sanders Scenario

By Patrick Healy and Giovanni Russonello

How Sanders can win, calls for Bolton to testify, Warren’s new line: This is your morning tip sheet.

How People of Color Inside the Buttigieg Campaign Sought to Be Heard

By Reid J. Epstein

As the candidate courted nonwhite voters, employees of color were voicing their frustrations, according to interviews, documents and a recording. The campaign said it worked to foster a progressive workplace.

Netanyahu Withdraws Immunity Bid, Shifting Election Battleground

By David M. Halbfinger and Isabel Kershner

The Israeli prime minister will face voters on March 2 as a defendant in a criminal case, but without weeks of potentially humiliating parliamentary discussion on the subject.