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Charles Booker Says Progressives Should β€˜Show Up and Listen’ to Deep Red Districts

By Isabella GrullΓ³n Paz

Mr. Booker, who narrowly lost a Democratic Senate primary in Kentucky, talked about how to get rural voters on board with a progressive message, saying structural inequality affects all people who feel left behind.

Sweden’s Ex-Ambassador to China Is Cleared of Wrongdoing

By Christina Anderson and Marc Santora

Anna Lindstedt was found not guilty of overstepping the boundaries of her role when she arranged secret meetings over the fate of a Hong Kong bookseller and Swedish citizen who remains detained in China.

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DeSantis Is Said to Quietly Hinder Fund-Raising for Trump Convention

By Annie Karni and Patricia Mazzei

A personal dispute has prompted Ron DeSantis, the Florida governor, to discourage donors from contributing, people familiar with the discussions said. His top fund-raiser denies any attempt to undercut the convention.

In β€˜Buy American’ Speech, Biden Challenges Trump on the Economy

By Shane Goldmacher and Jim Tankersley

Joseph R. Biden Jr. laid out a populist economic vision with the tagline “Build Back Better,” part of an effort to confront President Trump on his strongest issue in polling.

Some Republicans Have Grown Wary of Protests Against Racism, Poll Shows

By Giovanni Russonello

A month ago, polls reflected a new consensus around the need for racial justice. But after weeks of attacks by President Trump, some Republicans’ views have shifted.

6 Takeaways From the Biden-Sanders Joint Task Force Proposals

By Maggie Astor, Lisa Friedman, Dana Goldstein, Zolan Kanno-Youngs, Margot Sanger-Katz and Jim Tankersley

Signature progressive programs like “Medicare for all” and the Green New Deal did not make it into the recommendations. But Senator Bernie Sanders’s allies pushed some policies to the left.

What Will Trump’s Rally in New Hampshire Be Like? It’s Anyone’s Guess

By Maggie Haberman and Annie Karni

The governor, a Republican, isn’t attending. It isn’t clear how many other G.O.P. elected officials will come. The turnout could be low, or expansive. And fears of the virus hang over the event.

How Democrats Should Increase the Youth Vote

By Rainesford Stauffer

Youth organizers have the answers. When will party elites invest in them?

Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders Deepen Their Cooperation

By Sydney Ember and Thomas Kaplan

Allies of the onetime presidential rivals revealed a long list of policy proposals. Most were widely acceptable to liberals, and some were broader than Mr. Biden’s plans during the primary campaign.

Merkel asks EU Parliament for β€˜willingness to compromise’ ahead of mini-summit

By Christina Goßner, Philipp Grüll

German Chancellor Angela Merkel was set to take part in a "mini-summit" with the leaders of the EU institutions in Brussels on Wednesday evening (8 July). It is her first trip abroad since the coronavirus crisis started, testifying to how seriously she is taking her second and last German presidency of the EU Council. EURACTIV Germany reports.

Ady Barkan Endorses Joe Biden for President

By Katie Glueck

The endorsement by Mr. Barkan, an activist who supports “Medicare for all,” signaled that some progressives were increasingly willing to back Mr. Biden.

State Department Bars Chinese Officials Who Restrict Access to Tibet

By Lara Jakes

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said international access to Tibet was a matter of regional and environmental security. He did not say how many Chinese officials were being blocked from the U.S.

As November Looms, So Does the Most Litigious Election Ever

By Michael Wines

Last week alone, three federal rulings set election parameters in three states. And scores of legal fights spawned by the pandemic are shaping who will vote and how.

Hong Kong Security Law Sets Stage for Global Internet Fight

By Paul Mozur

As the city grapples with new restrictions on online speech, American tech giants are on the front line of a clash between China and the United States over the internet’s future.

Susan Collins Battles for Survival in Maine

By Emily Cochrane

The fourth-term Republican is staring down a better-funded challenger and national headwinds, all while campaigning amid coronavirus restrictions.