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β€˜I Can See You Are Gay; I Will Kill You’

By Annie Hylton and Malia Politzer

L.G.B.T.Q. Africans are funneled into a system that exposes them to the same persecutory treatment they sought to escape.

A Playlist to Deter the Homeless: β€˜Baby Shark’ and β€˜Raining Tacos’

By Nicholas Bogel-Burroughs

The city of West Palm Beach, Fla., is blaring two maddeningly catchy children’s songs on a loop each night to prevent people from sleeping near an event center.

What’s the Future of Syrian Refugees in Turkey?

By Afsin Yurdakul

Turkish government and opposition parties need to work together to prevent the deepening of anti-immigrant talk and xenophobic Turkish nationalism.

How The Times Analyzed the Migrant Center Airstrike

By Malachy Browne and Christiaan Triebert

It seemed too outrageous that such a place would be bombed, but if it were true it might be a war crime. It was the middle of the night in Libya. How could we verify the claim?

Flooding Kills Dozens in Nepal as Waters Rise Across Asia

By Bhadra Sharma and Mike Ives

The hardest-hit country appeared to be Nepal, where the authorities said 67 people had died. Deaths were also reported in India and Bangladesh.

Cruelty Won’t Stop the Crisis at the Border

By Denis McDonough and Cecilia MuΓ±oz

President Trump’s suggestion conveys a grave misunderstanding of what migrants are facing. Democrats need to show that they have a better plan.

Amazon HQ2 Is Upending Northern Virginia’s Already Unstable Housing Market

By Lola Fadulu

Homeowners are getting bombarded by speculators asking them to sell. Tenants are fighting rent increases. And Amazon hasn’t even started building.

U.N. Rights Head β€˜Shocked’ by Treatment of Migrant Children at U.S. Border

By Nick Cumming-Bruce

Michelle Bachelet, the United Nations human rights chief, condemned the conditions faced by migrant children at the border, urging Washington to “consider the damage being done every day.”

They Hoped to Reach Europe Before They Were Massacred

By Sally Hayden

Refugees and migrants have been held in horrifying conditions in detention centers in Libya. Now they are being killed in the country’s civil war.

Suspect in Mackenzie Lueck Case Wrote a Novel With 2 Burning Deaths

By Jacey Fortin and Elisha Brown

The Salt Lake City Police Department found charred human remains in Ayoola Ajayi’s backyard. His book had been about a teenager who witnessed two fiery deaths.

Airstrike Kills Dozens of Migrants at Detention Center in Tripoli

By Declan Walsh

The bomb ripped through a hanger packed with African migrants hoping to reach Europe. A spokesman for Gen. Khalifa Hifter denied responsibility.

Judge in Italy Orders Release of Captain of Migrant-Rescue Ship

By Elisabetta Povoledo

Capt. Carola Rackete had defended her decision to dock the ship, owned by a German humanitarian group, by citing the growing exhaustion of the 40 migrants aboard.