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Mulvaney Will Defy House Impeachment Subpoena

By Peter Baker

Mick Mulvaney, the acting White House chief of staff, said he would obey President Trump’s order not to testify rather than seek a judge’s ruling first.

The Perils of Abstraction

By Christy Wampole

When we are reduced to pixels or poll numbers, wars, discrimination and other forms of brutality become easier to justify.

Bolivia Crisis Shows the Blurry Line Between Coup and Uprising

By Max Fisher

The Cold War binary of “bad” coups and “good” popular revolts no longer applies. But the labels persist, with important consequences.

Daytime speed limit to be slashed to 100 kph to cut pollution: NOS

By robin
The cabinet is planning to cut the maximum speed limit to 100 kph nationwide between 6am and 7pm, in an...

Republicans, Planning Impeachment Defense, Argue Trump Did Nothing Wrong

By Michael D. Shear

A memo circulated by House Republicans laid out their strategy for defending President Trump: Say he did nothing wrong and attack bureaucrats questioning his conduct.

Who’s Afraid of Elizabeth Warren?

By Jamelle Bouie

Quite a few people, and they have something in common. It’s not poverty.

Hong Kong Protesters Stage Fiery Clash With Police

By Mike Ives, Ezra Cheung and Katherine Li

Protesters angry over the shooting of a young demonstrator blocked roads, forced train delays and threw gasoline bombs under thick clouds of tear gas.

A Small Act of Rebellion

One defiant memo is now at the center of a Supreme Court case addressing deportation protections for nearly 700,000 “Dreamers.”

β€˜This Will Be Forever’: How the Ambitions of Evo Morales Contributed to His Fall

By Ernesto LondoΓ±o

Bolivia prospered on the watch of its firebrand leftist president, but his refusal to step aside led to an ignominious downfall.

DACA heads to Supreme Court and all eyes are on Chief Justice John Roberts

By Edmund DeMarche

The Supreme Court on Tuesday is set to take up the Trump administration’s plan to end protections that shield about 660,000 immigrants from deportation, and legal experts say all eyes will be on the likely tie-breaker Chief Justice John Roberts.

GOP memo outlines party's plan to defend Trump ahead of public hearings

By Louis Casiano

Top Republicans serving on panels involved in the Democratic-led impeachment inquiry into President Trump penned a memo to GOP members on those committees outlining "key points of evidence" from the closed-door inquiry ahead of public hearings slated to begin Wednesday. 

San Francisco's new DA pledges not to prosecute public urination, other quality-of-life-crimes

By Louis Casiano

San Francisco's newly elected district attorney has promised to not prosecute public urination and other quality-of-life crimes that have plagued the highly-priced Bay Area amid a crippling homelessness crisis affecting urban communities across California. 

Deval Patrick considering entering 2020 Democratic presidential primary

By Andrew O'Reilly

Former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick is the latest Democrat to consider joining the 2020 Democratic presidential primary fray, with sources close to the politician telling the Associated Press he is mulling a White House run.