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Today β€” July 12th 2020Your RSS feeds

In Rare Public Comments, Mueller Defends Prosecution of Roger Stone

By Peter Baker

Breaking his silence, the former special counsel rebutted President Trump’s attacks on the Russia investigation and said Mr. Stone had been prosecuted “because he committed federal crimes.”

Hong Kong Security Law Helps China Tighten Grip Over Schools

By Amy Qin and Tiffany May

China’s leaders have pushed the territory to revamp an education system they see as having bred young rebels who have helped drive pro-democracy protests.

Yesterday β€” July 11th 2020Your RSS feeds

Balarama Holness Wants to Be the β€˜Canadian Obama’

By Dan Bilefsky

Balarama Holness, 36, a law student and community organizer who once played professional Canadian football, is becoming a leading voice against systemic racism in his country.

Democrats Want Joe Biden to Go Big to Beat Trump

By Jonathan Martin

This election, some Democrats argue, offers the party the provocative possibility of a new path to the presidency, even as others warn against overconfidence.

In Singapore, an Orderly Election and a (Somewhat) Surprising Result

By Hannah Beech

The People’s Action Party, which has never been out of power, won yet again, but by a narrower margin than usual. The opposition had sought to deny it “a blank check.”