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How the Fed Chairman is Shielding It From Trump

By Jeanna Smialek

Jerome H. Powell is a pragmatist, and one who is quietly insulating an embattled Federal Reserve often in President Trump’s cross hairs.

As Other Democrats Feud, Bloomberg Hammers Trump on Health Care

By Nick Corasaniti and Abby Goodnough

While the presidential candidates argue about each other’s health plans, Michael Bloomberg’s ads have attacked the president over pre-existing conditions.

Chuck Schumer on Impeachment, Witnesses and the Truth

The senate minority leader is making a moral case to Republicans with the power to shape the trial that they should break from their party line.

Impeachment Enters Volatile New Phase as Senators Get to Ask Their Questions

By Michael D. Shear

Under impeachment’s arcane rules, senators will submit written queries to be read aloud by the chief justice. Leaders from both parties have strategized for days about what to ask.

Palestinians say β€˜a thousand noes’ to Trump-Netanyahu Mideast peace plan

By Bradford Betz

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Tuesday said "a thousand no's" to the long-awaited Middle East peace plan unveiled by President Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Netanyahu withdraws request for immunity on corruption charges

By Ilan Ben Zion

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu withdrew his request for immunity from prosecution on Tuesday, hours before parliamentary proceedings on the subject were set to begin.

For John Bolton, an β€˜Upside-Down World’ After Trump Revelation

By Peter Baker

Democrats who once derided him now want him to testify at President Trump’s impeachment trial while some of his erstwhile Republican friends are throwing him to the curb.

Mother of β€˜Success Kid’ Demands Steve King Stop Using His Meme

By Alan Yuhas

She fears the copyrighted photo of her son, now 13, will become associated with the “bigotry” of Representative King, an Iowa Republican who used it in a campaign fund-raising ad.

Is Trump Bibi’s Chump?

By Thomas L. Friedman

The president needs to demand a commitment so he doesn’t get played.

Joni Ernst Asks if Impeachment Trial Will Turn Iowa Caucusgoers Against Biden. They Answer.

By Thomas Kaplan and Nick Corasaniti

As Mr. Biden campaigned in the state, residents appeared unmoved: “I don’t think much about anything Joni Ernst says.”

A Knight in Gucci Armor Helps Charge a Geothermal Dragon

By Jason Horowitz

A company wants to build a geothermal plant in Umbria. Locals — and celebrities who live there — don’t want it.