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Climate Change Is Catching On With Voters. Why Isn’t Jay Inslee?

By Trip Gabriel

The Washington governor has long been a leading voice on climate change. He believes he will gain prominence as more voters learn of his record and proposals.

Trump Officials Prepare to Bypass Congress to Sell Weapons to Gulf Nations

By Edward Wong, Catie Edmondson and Eric Schmitt

The move would infuriate Democrats and Republicans in Congress, who are seeking to limit American military support for Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

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Academic: Gas storage has β€˜big potential’ in Europe’s low-carbon future

By FrΓ©dΓ©ric Simon

Boasting 1,200 terawatt hours (TWh) of existing capacity, gas storage sites can be a formidable asset for Europe in the transition to a low-carbon economy, providing much-needed flexibility to a future energy system where gas and electricity will be more closely integrated, says Ilaria Conti.

Venezuela’s Collapse Is the Worst Outside of War in Decades, Economists Say


Butchers have stopped selling meat cuts in favor of offal, fat shavings and cow hooves, the only animal protein many of their customers can afford.

California Says PG&E Power Lines Caused Camp Fire That Killed 85


State officials concluded that Pacific Gas & Electric lines caused the Camp Fire, which destroyed the town of Paradise and is the deadliest in state history.

The Fusion Reactor Next Door


Entrepreneurs are taking up the search for a near limitless energy source and seeking investors willing to put money behind a long-shot bet against climate change.

Nonfiction: An Economist Who Believes Only Government Can Save Capitalism


In “People, Power, and Profits,” Joseph E. Stiglitz argues that more state involvement in the economy is part of the solution, not part of the problem.

Yankees 7, Rays 1: The Yankees (and a Power Failure) Turn the Lights Out at Tropicana Field


A delay resulted in a single at-bat taking 45 minutes. But when play resumed, the Yankees got right back to business with a solo homer that helped seal the win.

French government makes progress on energy and climate bill

By Victor Miget

French energy and climate bill’s new draft sets carbon neutrality as the main objective for domestic energy policies and sets ambitious goals for the future. NGOs of the Climate Action Network (CAN) are less impressed by the new draft as concrete short-term measures appear to be lacking. EURACTIV’s partner le Journal de l’Environnement reports.

Tesla Looks to Regain Its Luster in Solar Energy by Slashing Prices


The company said it would slash the cost of solar energy by up to 16 percent by standardizing systems and asking customers to take on more responsibilities.

The EU needs a β€˜Green New Deal’

By Vincente Lopez

Europe needs its own ‘Green New Deal’ to stave off the perfect storm of populism, climate change and economic crisis. Instead, the EU has adopted confused energy and environment policies which could be self-defeating in the long run, writes Vincente Lopez.

Three things to know as Germany opens massive ocean wind park

By admin

German Chancellor Angela Merkel will be joined by French and Norwegian ministers Tuesday (16 April) to officially open a massive wind farm in the Baltic Sea, a key project for her country's "energy transition".

Removing Fuel Rods, Japan Hits Milestone in Fukushima Nuclear Cleanup


After a yearslong delay, the nuclear plant’s operator began removing radioactive fuel rods at one of three reactors that melted down after an earthquake and a tsunami in 2011.

Spinning Water Droplets That Seemingly Defy Physics

Chinese researchers have discovered a new way to make water droplets spin, creating a potential new kind of hydropower.

Unitymedia launches Wi-Fi extender

By JΓΆrn Krieger

German cable operator Unitymedia is now offering its customers the option of extending their local Wi-Fi network to other rooms.

This requires the so-called Connect Booster, which transports the data via the power line, as Chief Commercial Officer Christian Hindennach and Project Manager Christian Rupp explained in a press conference.

The booster base station is connected to the Connect cable router while the Wi-Fi booster is plugged into a socket in the room in which the wireless network is needed, for example in the bedroom, office, kitchen or children’s room.

The booster, which can transmit up to 1Gbps, is intended for all cases in which the Wi-Fi signal of the cable router is not sufficient, for example in large apartments, houses or across different floors. The device automatically configures itself with the customer’s broadband internet access.

The basic package costs €2.99 per month surcharge on the individual internet tariff and includes the base station and a booster. Further boosters are available at the monthly price of €1.99. The equipment can be tested for 30 days and returned if not satisfied.

After Austria and Switzerland, Germany is the third country in which Unitymedia’s parent company Liberty Global is introducing the Connect Booster, as Rupp told Broadband TV News. In Germany, the automatic configuration (“plug & surf”) is being used for the first time.

Around 1.8 million Unitymedia customers currently use the Connect box as a cable router. This corresponds to almost half of the company’s broadband customers.

Trump Budget Proposes Deep Cuts in Energy Innovation Programs


The spending plan also calls for raising billions of dollars by opening up public lands to oil and gas drilling and selling oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.