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Michael Cohen Is Returned to Federal Custody Over Home-Confinement Rules

By Maggie Haberman, William K. Rashbaum and Nicole Hong

President Trump’s former personal lawyer balked at signing an agreement not to publish a book while serving his sentence at home, his legal adviser said.

Would You Like to Come Over for Dinner … in 10 Years?

By Sarah Miller

Because that’s when I think I may be ready to entertain again.

Anything You Say in This Trader Joe’s Line May Be Used Against You

By Judith Newman

These neighbors’ signs respond to loud shoppers: “We are so sorry your wife is leaving you,” one read. “And we are SURE the ‘Everything but the Bagel’ Seasoning will help.”

Missing the Partner You See 24/7

By Jessica Grose

How to feel connected when you have nowhere to go.

What Will Trump’s Rally in New Hampshire Be Like? It’s Anyone’s Guess

By Maggie Haberman and Annie Karni

The governor, a Republican, isn’t attending. It isn’t clear how many other G.O.P. elected officials will come. The turnout could be low, or expansive. And fears of the virus hang over the event.

Woman Says She Was Fired Because Her Children Disrupted Her Work Calls

By Allyson Waller

Drisana Rios of San Diego said in a lawsuit that she lost her job with an insurance brokerage firm after a supervisor complained that her children were being noisy during meetings.

N.Y.C. Public Schools Will Not Fully Reopen in September

By Eliza Shapiro

Classroom attendance in September will be limited to only one to three days a week in an effort to continue to curb the outbreak, the mayor said.

New York City's Community Refrigerators Offer Free Food for Those in Need

By Amanda Rosa and Stephanie Keith

For many New Yorkers, healthy meals are hard to come by these days. Now activists are stocking refrigerators for those in need.

How Mexico’s Drug Cartels Are Profiting From the Pandemic

By Ioan Grillo

Lockdown exacerbated addiction in the U.S., while in Mexico, cartels dig into their turfs with charity and curfews, and put violent pressure on a vulnerable government.

How Safe Are Outdoor Gatherings?

By Tara Parker-Pope

With the virus raging in many parts of the country, new restrictions have left many wondering about the safety of a backyard barbecue or picnic.

Europe’s Roma Already Faced Discrimination. The Pandemic Made It Worse.

By Patrick Kingsley and Boryana Dzhambazova

Roma people in a Bulgarian town are barred from leaving their neighborhood. Officials cite a medical risk, but residents and advocates say it’s yet another form of bigotry.