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Florida deputy fired after multiple false drug arrests, 9 releases, officials say

By Lucia Suarez Sang

A Florida sheriff’s deputy was fired and nine people were released from jail after tests revealed that the substances used in some of his narcotics arrests were not actually drugs.

Ex-NFL player tackled 'peeping Tom' outside daughter's window: report

By Elizabeth Zwirz

Former NFL player Tony Beckham claimed he caught a man who was allegedly peering into his 15-year-old daughter’s window and masturbating, a report said.

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Murder victim's family awarded nearly $500M in wrongful death case

By Stephen Sorace

A jury on Tuesday awarded more than $495 million in damages to the family of a 20-year-old Florida woman who was murdered in 2011.

Good Samaritan has truck stolen by crash victim he was trying to help, police say

By Stephen Sorace

A Good Samaritan in Volusia County, Fla., jumped into action late Monday to help the victims of a fiery highway crash – but was punished for his good deed when one of the victims stole his truck and sped away, authorities said.

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Three children in Florida die after locking themselves inside freezer: police

By Madeline Farber

Three children in Live Oak, Fla., died Sunday after they accidentally trapped themselves in a freezer while playing outside, the Suwannee County Sheriff’s Office announced on Monday.

Authorities warn about sex traffickers luring teens via gaming app, 7 arrested

By Lucia Suarez Sang

Two teenage boys were rescued from a squalid Florida mobile home – one of whom had been held captive and repeatedly asexually abused by four men for nearly a year – and six men and a woman were arrested on human trafficking charges, authorities revealed Monday.

Florida man chews up seat of police car after cocaine arrest, officials say

By Travis Fedschun

A Florida man arrested on drug charges is facing additional counts for what he did in the backseat of a patrol car on Thursday, according to officials.

Florida governor suspends Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel

By Matt Richardson

Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel, who faced criticism over his department’s response to the deadly Parkland, Florida, school shooting last year, was officially suspended by newly sworn-in Gov. Ron DeSantis on Friday.