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Best of Late Night: Seth Meyers Skewers Trump Over Paul Manafort’s Plea Deal


“Manafort on Friday struck a deal to cooperate with the Mueller investigation,” Mr. Meyers said. “And then Trump struck a door, two walls and Eric.”

Slovak authorities identify possible witness in journalist’s murder

By Georgi Gotev

Slovak authorities have identified a possible witness in the murder of Slovak journalist Ján Kuciak, whose killing last February led mass protests that forced the government to resign, a state prosecutor said on Monday (17 September).

These Gay Figure Artists Are Reimagining the Male Gaze


Working largely outside the gallery system, a group of illustrators is reviving the discipline and redefining how queer bodies are represented in art.

EasyJet passenger dragged off flight by cops for making a comment about β€˜blowing the plane up’

By Rob Pattinson

The airline removed the passenger over a dispute on the tarmac at Luton when he was asked not to walk under the plane's wings. After telling staff to "f*** off" the unruly passenger then threatened to blow the plane up.

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The Meaning of the Moon, From the Incas to the Space Race


A major new exhibition in Denmark looks at how the celestial body has fascinated artists, writers and scientists.

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