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Saudi Oil Attack Photos Implicate Iran, U.S. Says; Trump Hints at Military Action

By Eric Schmitt, Farnaz Fassihi and David D. Kirkpatrick

The government released satellite images indicating, they said, that the strikes came from the direction of Iraq or Iran.

How My Boyfriend Made Me Fall in Love With Gaming

By Eve Peyser

It became a form of bonding for us, not a source of strain.

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Help! My Hotel Doesn’t Exist

By Sarah Firshein

In a new Travel column, Sarah Firshein aims to help travelers resolve their thorniest and most upsetting travel disasters. This week, she investigates a nonexistent hotel, booked on Expedia.

New Hope, New Pain, Same Old Divorce

By Cameron Esposito

As a queer woman, I fought for the right to be married. Now I’m fighting for the space to be human.

Trade Tensions Ease as China Drops Some Pork and Soybean Tariffs

By Alexandra Stevenson

Details were scant, but the move could help ease Chinese food prices and comes as trade talks between the two countries are set to resume next month.

With Trade Talks Looming, U.S. and China Move to Relax Tensions

By Ana Swanson and Alan Rappeport

President Trump announced that China would resume purchases of American farm goods after a day of cooling tensions, raising hopes of averting the next round of tariff increases.

Google Settles With U.S. Over Workers’ Complaints It Stifled Dissent

By David McCabe

As part of its settlement with the National Labor Relations Board, the search giant will remind workers of their rights to discuss workplace issues.

For Mike Pompeo, a Moment of Singular Influence

By Peter Baker and David E. Sanger

Speculation that Mr. Pompeo may serve as President Trump’s national security adviser as well as secretary of state may be fanciful but underscores his increasing influence.

Google Settles With U.S. Labor Agency Over Employees’ Speech

By David McCabe

As part of its settlement with the National Labor Relations Board, the search giant will remind workers of their rights to discuss workplace issues.

Trump Leaves Open Possibility of Easing Iranian Sanctions to Spur Nuclear Talks

By Lara Jakes

Asked whether he would consider relaxing the penalties if that would ease the path to a meeting, President Trump said, “We’ll see what happens.”

Bolton Ouster Underscores a G.O.P. Divided on Foreign Policy

By Catie Edmondson

A jarring stretch of presidential announcements has laid bare the divide among Republicans on foreign policy, pitting hawkish conservatives against an anti-interventionist flank.

β€˜Trump Unplugged’: A President as His Own National Security Adviser

By Michael Crowley and Lara Jakes

President Trump is now free to command his foreign policy after dumping John R. Bolton, the last major internal counterweight to his dealings with North Korea, Russia and the Taliban.

What Samantha Power Learned on the Job

By Thomas L. Friedman

“The Education of an Idealist,” by Samantha Power, describes how her years with the Obama administration forced her to alter her thinking on foreign policy.

Trump fires foreign policy hawk Bolton, citing strong disagreements

By Georgi Gotev

US President Donald Trump abruptly fired his national security adviser John Bolton amid disagreements with his hard-line aide over how to handle foreign policy challenges such as North Korea, Iran, Afghanistan and Russia.