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Britain Gambles on a Bankrupt Satellite Operator, OneWeb

By Stanley Reed

Pushed by Brexit, the U.K. government will have a platform to expand into the space business.

Britain Gambles on a Bankrupt Satellite Operator, OneWeb

By Stanley Reed

Pushed by Brexit, the U.K. government will have a platform to expand into the space business.

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UK faces extra €2bn EU pensions bill

By Benjamin Fox

The UK faces being slapped with a surprise €2 billion EU pensions bill, as a result of a 21% increase in EU officials' pension liabilities.

Merkel and von der Leyen: Two long-time companions guiding Europe

By Christina Goßner, Philipp Grüll

They have ruled Germany together for 15 years. Now they are at Europe's helm. With the start of the German EU Presidency, Chancellor Angela Merkel and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen have, together, forged plans to navigate Europe out of crisis, EURACTIV Germany reports.

Tweets of the Week: Queen Merkel, Brexit Extension, Parliament Robberies

By Jennifer Baker, Marlene Stocker
Angela Merkel is hailed as a wonder, the world stays alert for the next Brexit blunder, and burglars in Parliament make off with MEP plunder

Post-Brexit trade pact suffers setback as β€˜disagreements’ end talks early

By Benjamin Fox

The prospects of a post-Brexit EU-UK trade deal being brokered this year suffered a new setback on Thursday (2 July) as the first round of in-person talks since the coronavirus pandemic broke up a day earlier with both sides citing ‘significant disagreements’.

UK sets September deadline for EU trade deal

By Benjamin Fox

The UK has earmarked September as its deadline for agreeing on a new trade deal with the EU after negotiators held their first face-to-face meetings since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

Five crucial weeks to determine post-Brexit era

By Sarantis Michalopoulos

The EU and Britain launch an intense five weeks of negotiations on a deal to define their post-Brexit relations on Monday, with London keen to wrap things up quickly.

Commission uncertain on future UK data adequacy agreementΒ 

By Samuel Stolton

The European Commission has said that it 'cannot predict' whether the UK will be fit for a data transfer adequacy agreement with the EU as part of ongoing negotiations on a future trade deal between the two parties.

EU students to face higher fees for English universities

By Georgi Gotev

Students from the European Union starting university in England next year will have to pay higher fees under funding changes introduced as a result of Brexit, the government said Tuesday (23 June).

β€˜Bounce back’ plan for UK agrifood sector to bolster trade outside EU

By Natasha Foote

The United Kingdom announced a ‘bounce back’ plan of trade measures for the agriculture, food and drink industry on Tuesday (23 June), designed to allow businesses in the industry struggling in the aftermath of the coronavirus outbreak to grow their trade activity overseas.

LEAK: Commission pushes UK for β€˜high degree of convergence’ in GDPR review

By Jorge Valero, Samuel Stolton

The European Commission will tomorrow (24 June) highlight the importance of the UK abiding by EU data protection rules as part of a future relationship between the two parties, in the first review of the landmark general data protection regulation, obtained by EURACTIV.

UK lawmakers back Brexit compromise to avoid β€˜no deal’ chaos

By Benjamin Fox

UK lawmakers have urged Boris Johnson and Michel Barnier to broker a compromise to avoid an economically damaging ‘no deal’ Brexit scenario.

Tweets of the Week: Animal Idioms, Racism Debate, Recovery Council

By Jennifer Baker, Marlene Stocker
What on earth is a pig in a poke, in EU institutions diversity is broke and European Council discussions are far from a joke.

UK Environment secretary offers support for gene editing, diverges from EU stance

By Natasha Foote

In an environmental audit meeting on Thursday (18 June), UK Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, George Eustice offered his support for gene editing after Brexit, saying that the UK government disagrees with the EU stance on...

Montchalin: €500 billion in budgetary allocations to β€˜be maintained at all costs’

By Laurent Marchand

Ahead of tomorrow's EU summit (19 June), France's European Affairs Minister Amélie de Montchalin told EURACTIV's partner Ouest-France in an interview that the EU27, including the "frugal four", are moving towards accepting an EU recovery programme, but that it would not work without reforms and long-term investment.

With Brexit Trade Talks at an Impasse, Boris Johnson Finally Engages

By Steven Erlanger

The British prime minister held talks with European Union leaders and agreed to accelerate negotiations on a future trading relationship to try to avoid a brutal break at the end of December.

Tweets of the Week: Eurogroup Head, Statues Down, Brexit Cherry Picking

By Jennifer Baker, Marlene Stocker
Speculation about Eurogroup top post, across the EU racist statues are toast, and Brexit is back like an unwelcome ghost.