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Democratic Debates, Sanders on Socialism, New Polls: This Week in the 2020 Race

By Maggie Astor and Matt Stevens

The stage is set for the first Democratic debates this month, Joe Biden and President Trump square off in Iowa and we round up new policy proposals.

White House Considers Restoring the Daily Briefing for the Next Press Secretary

By Annie Karni

Stephanie Grisham, currently the spokeswoman for the first lady, Melania Trump, is one of those under consideration to succeed Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Steadfast Trump Fan, Never Wavered

By Michael M. Grynbaum

The first mother to serve as White House press secretary stayed true to her boss as she oversaw the fade-out of the daily press briefing.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Leaving White House at the End of the Month

By Katie Rogers and Peter Baker

Ms. Sanders, the White House press secretary, fiercely defended President Trump through one of the most tumultuous periods in American politics.

How Pete Buttigieg and Elizabeth Warren Cracked the Code of the 2020 Race

By Reid J. Epstein

In a field of 23 Democrats, Mr. Buttigieg and Ms. Warren have mastered creating moments for social media and dominating cable news coverage.

Bernie Sanders Calls His Brand of Socialism a Pathway to Beating Trump

By Reid J. Epstein and Sydney Ember

Mr. Sanders, who is being portrayed as too extreme by President Trump, presented a forceful case for his brand of socialism through a framework of economic rights.

What Is Democratic Socialism? Whose Version Are We Talking About?

By Maggie Astor

Bernie Sanders is giving a speech on democratic socialism. But if you ask five democratic socialists what the term means, you’ll likely get five different answers.

As 2020 Candidates Struggle to Be Heard, Their Grumbling Gets Louder

By Lisa Lerer and Reid J. Epstein

There’s only so much room in the spotlight in the Democratic presidential race, leaving some candidates feeling left out. “It’s a ‘Hunger Games’ situation,” one said.

Biden Retains Lead in Iowa Poll, but Warren and Buttigieg Gain

By Reid J. Epstein

Joseph R. Biden Jr. leads in a poll of likely Iowa caucusgoers, but Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttigieg have made clear gains to join Bernie Sanders in a virtual three-way tie for second place.

Warren and Sanders: Two Liberals Aiming for the Same Target

By Astead W. Herndon and Sydney Ember

As Elizabeth Warren emerges from Bernie Sanders’s shadow, the two standard-bearers of the progressive base find themselves competing for voters, and donors.

California Is Now an β€˜Early Primary State.’ Democrats Are Grappling With How to Compete.

By Shane Goldmacher and Jonathan Martin

After years of voting late in the presidential nominating process, most California Democrats can start casting ballots by mail in February as Iowans head to their caucuses.

Gun Issues, Long at the Fringe, Now Loom Large for Democratic Candidates

By Reid J. Epstein

After years of failed efforts to enact federal universal background checks for new gun purchases, several candidates are on the leading edge of a push for more aggressive anti-gun measures

The 2020 Race Is Testing Progressives’ Power. They’re Pushing Back.

By Astead W. Herndon

Joe Biden’s campaign is challenging the political muscle of the Democratic Party’s left wing, which is desperate for a nominee who embraces its policy goals.