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Hong Kong Security Law Redraws Lines, Making Some Ideas Dangerous

By Vivian Wang, Elaine Yu and Tiffany May

In a city where China has made some ideas suddenly dangerous, people are trying to figure out where the boundaries lie, and how their lives have changed.

As China Strengthens Grip on Hong Kong, Taiwan Sees a Threat

By Javier C. HernΓ‘ndez and Steven Lee Myers

The sweeping new security law in Hong Kong has further eroded what little support there was in Taiwan for unifying with the mainland.

China's National Security Law for Hong Kong, Explained

By Javier C. HernΓ‘ndez

The legislation grants Beijing broad powers to crack down on a variety of political crimes, including meting out life imprisonment for “grave” offenses. But the law is rife with ambiguities.

Kosovo’s President, Hashim Thaci, Is Indicted for Role in Serbia War

By Gerry Mullany

Mr. Thaci, who is scheduled to visit the White House on Saturday, was charged alongside nine others with crimes against humanity over actions during the 1998-99 war with Serbia.

Hong Kong Protests: Martin Lee, 'Father of Democracy,' Caught Between Extremes

By Vivian Wang

Martin Lee, 82, has dedicated his life to bringing democracy to the Chinese territory while working within the system. Now he is under fire from both sides.