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Father jailed for trying to kill children by setting home on fire

By robin
A gavel in a courtroom.A 32-year-old father from Eindhoven has been jailed for eight years, to be followed by psychiatric prison, for trying to...

Going no-where: driver calls police after woman in niqab gets on bus

By robin
A bus driver in Limburg has become the first to refuse to continue his journey after a woman wearing a...

Summer makes a return: dry, sunny weather ahead

By robin
Summer is making its return to the Netherlands with dry weather and plenty of sunshine forecast for the rest of...
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Amanda Todd blackmailer drops appeal, clearing way for extradition

By robin
The Dutchman who allegedly blackmailed Canadian teenager Amanda Todd, driving her to commit suicide at the age of 15, has...

G-001-BB: New number plate combinations for Dutch cars

By robin
The Dutch vehicle licencing authority RDW on Monday unveiled the new format for Dutch car licence plates – a combination...

Dutch police have shot seven people this year, three have died

By robin
Police badge and radio.Dutch police were in involved in seven shooting incidents in which people were killed or injured in the first six...

Weert terror gang β€˜could have made 500 grammes of explosive’

By robin
The alleged terrorist cell busted after an undercover operation last September had enough fertilizer and other chemicals to create 500...

Utrecht station’s bike park is now the biggest in the world

By robin
A major extension to Utrecht’s railway station bike park opens on Monday, making it the biggest underground garage for bikes...
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Hundreds of deer living on small Zeeland island to be culled

By robin
Forestry Commission staff in Zeeland are to begin shooting hundreds of fallow deer which have made their home on the...

Student accused of killing dog walkers confesses, blames β€˜voices’

By robin
The student suspected of murdering three people who were out walking their dogs earlier this year has confessed to the...

Pollen, not pollution: Utrecht’s new bus stops are buzzing

By hanneke
Utrecht’s bee friendly bus shelters are capturing the world’s imagination with media from across the globe reporting on a solution...

Dutch peace campaigner, 92, writes to Putin, gets Russian award

By robin
A 92-year-old Dutch peace campaigner has received a Russian foreign ministry award after writing to president Vladimir Putin saying he...

Princess Christina, sister of Beatrix, dies of bone cancer at 72

By robin
Princess Christina, youngest sister of former Dutch queen Beatrix, has died of cancer at the age of 72. The announcement...

36 sceats buy a cow – rare medieval coin found in Limburg

By hanneke
A thousand year-old rare sceat coin has turned up near Born in Limburg, broadcaster NOS reports. The coin, whose name...

Draughts coach faces child porn, hidden camera charges

By robin
A Dutch draughts coach and tournament organiser faces legal action after he was caught filming guests having showers while staying...

Amsterdam mayor slams Telegraaf for story about her son’s arrest

By robin
Amsterdam’s mayor Femke Halsema has hit out at the Telegraaf newspaper after it published a story claiming her 15-year-old son...

Former child refugee finds Dutchman who gave her a red, shiny bike

By robin
A Kurdish former child refugee who ended up in the Netherlands when she was five years old has been reunited...