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Jayne Wrightsman, Arts Benefactor and Doyenne of High Society, Dies at 99


Mrs. Wrightsman, who had no formal training, became a connoisseur of 18th-century French art and a significant donor to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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It’s a summery Easter weekend, but the sea is too cold to swim in

By robin
Friday was the first regional ‘summer’ day in the Netherlands this year, with the temperature topping 25 degrees in the...

Save the birds, give them water, says organisation

By hanneke
Friesian birding organisation BFVW is warning that newly born chicks are dying because of a lack of insects brought on...

Holocaust photos β€˜too horrific’ to go on show at specialist museum

By hanneke
Four unique photographs showing Jews being sent into the gas chamber and the burning of bodies at Auschwitz concentration camp...

Endocrine disruptors drop the curtain on this European Parliament

By Gerardo Fortuna

On Thursday (18 April), the European Parliament adopted a non-binding resolution asking the European Commission to ensure a higher level of protection against endocrine disruptors (EDCs) by making a legislative proposal on the matter no later than June 2020.

Drought and warm weather leads to more Easter bonfire bans

By robin
Almost half the 120 traditional Easter bonfires planned for the holiday weekend in Overijssel province have been banned because the...

Citizens’ crime prevention patrols are on the rise, but who is monitoring them?

By robin
The increase in citizen involvement in crime prevention in the Netherlands is giving rise to problems because there is little...

One million tourists to hit the Netherlands over sunny Easter weekend

By robin
A million tourists are expected to come to the Netherlands for the Easter weekend, up 150,000 on last year, the...

Dutch expats launch lobby group to fight for their rights back home

By robin
Dutch expats on Thursday formally launched a new organisation to fight for their rights and campaign for changes to dual...

Dutch jihadis have history of mental illness, petty crime and failure

By robin
An analysis of the backgrounds of 319 Dutch jihadis shows that many of them had major problems before making the...

More people killed in accidents on Dutch roads, minister to take β€˜effective measures’

By robin
The number of people dying on the Dutch roads soared almost 11% last year, with a total of 678 people...

Trouble-making asylum seekers face shopping centre ban in Heerenveen

By robin
The government is to get tougher on would-be refugees who are causing problems in both refugee centres and places where...

Dutch were wrong to strip jihadis of their Dutch nationality, highest court says

By robin
The Dutch government was wrong to strip Dutch nationality from two convicted jihadis because the law making it possible was...

More laughing gas users get burned by ice, say burns units

By hanneke
Hospital burns units are reporting more people suffering burns caused by laughing gas canisters, broadcaster NOS reports. Over the last...

Trilobites: How Giant Sea Spiders May Survive in Warming Oceans


The strange creatures’ adaptations to the cold of the Antarctic Ocean may also help them as their habitats heat up.

Shower less and store rain water to head off drought, water firm says

By hanneke
Water company Vitens and the Overijsssel and Gelderland water boards have started an awareness campaign in an effort to head...

Three youths, 17 and 14, arrested for raping girls in Rotterdam

By robin
Two youths of 17 and one of 14 have been arrested in connection with a string of group rapes in...