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Privacy rules are hitting efforts to combat trafficking, agency says

By robin
Strict Dutch privacy laws are making it more difficult to register potential victims of human trafficking and youngsters in particular...

Dutch bomb killed 70 people in Iraq in 2015, Dutch media claims

By robin
Dutch F-16s were involved in an attack on an IS car bomb factory in Iraq in 2015 that killed at...

Army unions call for rethink on deporting Afghan interpreter

By robin
Army unions and aid groups have joined forces to urge the Netherlands not to deport an Afghan man who worked...

Dutch jihadi brides go to court to be brought home with their kids

By robin
A group of Dutch female jihadis and their children are taking the Dutch state to court in an effort to...

Father of the farmhouse mystery family is arrested, investigation continues

By robin
Drenthe police have arrested a second person in their investigation into the mysterious family found on a remote farmhouse in...
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Farmhouse family may have been β€˜moonies’ or ex moonies, reports say

By robin
The family found living in isolation on a remote farmhouse in Drenthe may have been members or former members of...

Know your onions: bulb growers issue advice to avoid β€˜flower fraud’

By Senay
Black and blue tulips might look good on the packets – but they don’t exist. The KAVB Dutch bulb growers’...

Drenthe farmhouse mystery: police searches and old neighbours speak

By robin
Drenthe police searched two properties in the town of Zwartsluis on Thursday as part of their investigation into the mystery...

Another death following confusion over suicide prevention hotline

By robin
A second person has committed suicide after trying to dial a non-existent helpline, the Volkskrant said on Thursday. A 61-year-old...

Farmers camp out in The Hague, plan to resume protesting as MPs debate

By robin
Hundreds of protesting farmers have spent the night on the Malieveld close to the parliamentary complex in The Hague and...

Court agrees to delay Wilders’ trial due to political interference claim

By robin
Appeal court judges have agreed to delay the continuation of Geert Wilders’ trial for making discriminatory comments about Moroccans until...

More details emerge about Drenthe farmhouse family, oldest son was active online

By robin
More details have been emerging about the family of seven found living in a small space on an isolated farmhouse...

Farmers cause road chaos as tractors block motorways, head for The Hague

By robin
Police are warning people to stay out of central The Hague on Wednesday afternoon after a protest by farmers threatened...

Mobility scooter, electric cargo bike safety should be reassessed: safety board

By robin
The Dutch safety board OVV said on Wednesday that there was still not enough focus on the safety of light...

It Had the Biggest Antlers Ever Found. Were They Weapons?

By Cara Giaimo

Scientists devised “virtual crash testing” to see if an extinct deer’s colossal headgear was just for show.

Amsterdam police used city surveillance cameras without privacy checks: Trouw

By robin
Amsterdam police have for years been using city council surveillance cameras installed to monitor the city centre environmental zone to...