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Australian capital is free of all known coronavirus cases, as infections continue to dwindle

By Lucia Suarez Sang

The territory surrounding Australia’s capital city of Canberra has become of the first of the country’s eight states and territories to declare itself free of all known coronavirus cases. It is the region’s latest boost in the fight against the deadly pandemic.

China to inspect ventilators, masks for export after complaints from countries they were faulty

By Lucia Suarez Sang

Amid a chorus of complaints from half a dozen countries that its ventilators and marks were substandard for the fight against the coronavirus, China’s regulators sought to assure foreign governments their products will be subject to quality inspections before sent abroad.

Putin asks court to amend constitution, allow him to remain in power until 2036

By Lucia Suarez Sang

Russian President Vladimir Putin officially signed a new constitutional change that could allow him to remain in power for another 16 years and has asked the country’s constitutional court to approve the amendment.

South African king goes on ax rampage in palace, targets regent son

By Lucia Suarez Sang

The nephew of the late Nelson Mandela – who happens to be a South African king – was arrested after allegedly going on an ax rampage in the palace, reports claim.

Dutch prime minister warns public against shaking hands – promptly does it moments later

By Lucia Suarez Sang

The Dutch prime minister had a head-slapping moment Monday night when he called on citizens of the Netherlands to stop shaking hands to prevent spreading the new coronavirus – and then he did it himself.

US troops begin Afghanistan withdrawal as part of peace deal with Taliban

By Lucia Suarez Sang

American troops began withdrawing from Afghanistan on Tuesday as part of the peace deal signed with the Taliban – marking what could be the beginning of the end of the United States’ longest foreign military campaign.