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Trump Lashes Out on Syria as Republicans Rebuke Him in House Vote

By Peter Baker and Catie Edmondson

President Trump again defends his decision to withdraw American troops, an order that many, including Republicans, have interpreted as acquiescing to Turkey’s incursion against a United States ally.

Erdogan thanks Orban for β€˜support at the international stage’

By Georgi Gotev

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán met in Baku on Tuesday (15 October), on the fringes of the Turkic Council, a group of countries speaking the same family of languages, which Hungary wants to join.

In Syria, Russia Is Pleased to Fill an American Void

By Ben Hubbard, Anton Troianovski, Carlotta Gall and Patrick Kingsley

As the United States withdraws from Syria, Russia is stepping in, running patrols to separate warring factions, striking deals and helping President Bashar al-Assad advance.

Denmark to strip foreign fighters of Danish citizenship

By Georgi Gotev

Denmark will fast-track legislation allowing people with dual citizenship who have gone abroad to fight for militant groups like Islamic State to be stripped of their Danish nationality, Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen said on Monday (13 October).

Russia-backed Syrian army sweeps in to fill US-left vacuum

By Georgi Gotev

Russia-backed Syrian forces took rapid advantage of an abrupt US retreat from Syria on Monday (14 October), deploying deep inside Kurdish-held territory south of the Turkish frontier less than 24 hours after Washington announced a full withdrawal.

Who Are the Kurds, and Why Is Turkey Attacking Them in Syria?

By Patrick Kingsley

Why did Turkey invade? Why did America leave? How did the Kurds gain so much land? We answer 10 key questions about the Turkish invasion of northern Syria.

The Latest on Syria’s War: A Major Shift, and U.S. Tariffs on Turkey

Hours after reaching an agreement with Kurdish forces, the Syrian Army entered a key town near the Turkish border — a significant shift in the power dynamic.

Syria Live Updates: Assad’s Army Moves into Border Town

Hours after the Kurds forged a deal with the Syrian government, an American foe, the Syrian Army raced northwest to help battle Turkish-led forces.

Bulgaria PM will ask EU leaders to stop criticising Erdogan

By Georgi Gotev

European Council President Donald Tusk strongly opposed Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on Friday (11 October), warning him to stop blackmailing Europe. That has prompted Bulgaria’s prime minister to reveal he will ask EU chiefs to tone down their stance against Erdoğan.

Macron, Merkel call for end to Turkish invasion in Syria

By Georgi Gotev

The leaders of France and Germany called Sunday (13 October) for an end to Turkey's offensive against Kurds in northern Syria, warning of dire humanitarian consequences and a boost for the Islamic State group.

Trump Orders Withdrawal of U.S. Troops From Northern Syria

By Julian E. Barnes and Eric Schmitt

The decision effectively cedes control of the area and could allow a resurgence of ISIS, but the defense secretary argued American forces would not have deterred a Turkish invasion.

Pullback Leaves Green Berets Feeling β€˜Ashamed,’ and Kurdish Allies Describing β€˜Betrayal’

By Eric Schmitt, Thomas Gibbons-Neff, Ben Hubbard and Helene Cooper

As Turkish forces cross into Kurdish areas of northern Syria, the orders from Washington to U.S. troops are simple: Stand back. Let the Kurds fight for themselves.

Abandoned by U.S. in Syria, Kurds Find New Ally in American Foe

By Ben Hubbard, Charlie Savage, Eric Schmitt and Patrick Kingsley

Under fire by Turkish forces, the militia that battled ISIS threw in its lot with Syria’s Russian-backed government.

Militants Backed by Turkey Kill at Least Two Prisoners in Syria

By Ben Hubbard and Karam Shoumali

The killings of Kurdish prisoners by Arab fighters, one of which was captured on video, raised the specter of wider sectarian warfare as fighting in Syria escalates.

ISIS Rears Its Head, Adding to Chaos as Turkey Battles Kurds

By Carlotta Gall and Patrick Kingsley

A prison break and a bombing claimed by the Islamic State punctuated fears that the Turkish invasion, now in its third day, was sowing mayhem.

Thousands flee, hundreds reported dead in Turkish attack on Kurds in Syria

By Georgi Gotev

Turkey pounded Kurdish militia in northeast Syria for a second day on Thursday (10 October), forcing tens of thousands of people to flee and killing at least dozens of people in a cross-border assault on US allies that has turned the Washington establishment against President Donald Trump.