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US: Nord Stream raises intelligence concerns

By Georgi Gotev

The planned Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline from Russia to Germany raises US intelligence and military concerns since it would allow Moscow to place new listening and monitoring technology in the Baltic Sea, a senior US official said on Thursday (17 May).

Assad Meets Putin in a Surprise Visit to Russia


President Vladimir V. Putin says “foreign armed forces” will be withdrawn from Syria as part of peace settlement, a possible reference to Iran’s military presence.

Putin opens new bridge to Crimea, provoking Ukraine, Western ire

By Georgi Gotev

President Vladimir Putin drew condemnation from the US, Europe and Ukraine on Tuesday (15 May) after he opened a new bridge linking mainland Russia and Moscow-annexed Crimea by driving a truck across it to the peninsula.

Assad accuses Erdogan of close ties to Muslim Brotherhood

By Sarantis Michalopoulos

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan was assigned by the US government to interfere in Syria when the terrorists lost control of different areas, Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad told Greek daily Kathimerini in an interview.

Armenia’s peaceful revolution yields new leader

By Sam Morgan reporting from Yerevan

Armenia’s parliament voted in favour of a new prime minister on Tuesday (8 May) as the romantically dubbed ‘love and solidarity revolution’ peacefully put the Caucasus republic’s opposition party in power.

Macron wants to treat France’s addiction to public money

By Claire Guyot

In an interview given with the Journal du Dimanche (JDD) and the Figaro, French President Emmanuel Macron said he wanted to wean the French off public fund allocations, as he assessed his first year in office. EURACTIV.fr reports.

For Putin’s 4th Term, More a Coronation Than an Inauguration


In a theatrical touch, a televised ceremony began with President Vladimir V. Putin sitting at his desk in the Kremlin, suit jacket over his chair, as if hard at work until moments before.