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T Minus 8 Days: A Frenetic Weekend on the Trail in Iowa

By Maggie Astor

The candidates gave their stump speeches. They took photos and shook hands. They tried mightily to address the polling elephant in the room without appearing to concern themselves with it.

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5 Things We Learned Interviewing 2020 Democrats (Again)

By Alexander Burns

We sat down with Democratic presidential candidates and asked them a new set of questions, including how they’d debate President Trump to the last book they read.

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Sanders Seizes Lead in Volatile Iowa Race, Times Poll Finds

By Jonathan Martin and Sydney Ember

With solid support from liberals, Mr. Sanders appears to be peaking just as the caucuses approach. But many Iowa voters said they could still change their mind.

She’s the Next President. Wait, Did You Read That Right?

By Jessica Bennett

A new study, which found that Americans were reluctant to use the word “she” to describe a hypothetical president, highlights the sneaky ways language illuminates bias.

A Major Fear for Democrats: Will the Party Come Together by November?

By Jonathan Martin

Even the goal of defeating President Trump isn’t enough for some voters to commit to backing the eventual Democratic nominee, expressing a clear aversion to a candidate who is too liberal or centrist for their tastes.

Stuck in the Senate as Their 2020 Rivals Have Iowa to Themselves

By Lisa Lerer

Several Democratic candidates and top contenders in the Feb. 3 caucuses are at the impeachment trial while Joe Biden and Pete Buttigieg court hundreds of voters each day.

3 Organizers for 3 Candidates, Under One Roof: This Is Campaigning in Iowa

By Trip Gabriel

The candidates may be getting a bit testy, but organizers for three Democratic presidential campaigns amicably share a farmhouse that reflects Iowa’s culture of grass-roots politics.

New York Times Editorial Board Endorses Amy Klobuchar and Elizabeth Warren

By Lisa Lerer

The decision to endorse two candidates was a significant break with convention. The board said it reflected the Democratic Party’s “radical” and “realist” models.

The Big Ask of Black Voters: Trust the Government

By Astead W. Herndon

Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttigieg are trying to woo older black voters with policy. Those policies may be why they’re struggling to win their support.

Sanders and Warren Try to Tone Down Rift. Some of Their Supporters Seem Less Willing.

By Jonathan Martin and Astead W. Herndon

The two progressive candidates seem to be trying to play down their differences that came into view over the past week. But many of their supporters were not ready to move on.

Sanders vs. Warren: This Week in the 2020 Race

By Maggie Astor and Matt Stevens

Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren argue over what was said at a private 2018 meeting, their dispute takes center stage at the debate and Cory Booker says goodbye.