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Call It White Supremacy

By Charles M. Blow

White supremacy is the biggest racial problem this country faces, and has faced.

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Bolton questions how much time Trump spends watching TV versus listening to advisers

By Andrew O'Reilly

John Bolton on Sunday continued to deride President Trump amid their ongoing feud – this time by suggesting that Trump spends more time watching television than he does listening to his advisers.

Trump's White Version of History

By Charles M. Blow

For Trump, the truth about patriarchal white supremacy defiles the American heroes who practiced it.

Seeing Paradise From Behind a Dashboard

By Peter Ramsey

Drive-ins are a rarity these days, but they were a formative moviegoing experience for many Americans, including an impressionable young boy who went on to become a director.

Facebook Bans Network With β€˜Boogaloo’ Ties

By Davey Alba

The social network said it was designating the antigovernment movement as a dangerous organization.

Germany calls for tightened AI regulation at EU level

By Philipp GrΓΌll

Four months after the European Commission presented its 'white paper' on Artificial Intelligence (AI), the German government said it broadly agrees with Brussels but sees a need to tighten up on security. The government is particularly concerned by the fact that only AI applications with "high risk" have to meet special requirements. EURACTIV Germany reports.

Vestager warns against predictive policing in Artificial Intelligence

By Samuel Stolton

Certain Artificial Intelligence application including forms of predictive policing are 'not acceptable' in the EU, the European Commission's Vice-President for Digital policy, Margarethe Vestager has said.