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By Praising Trump, Goya President Angers His Core Latino Market

By Amelia Nierenberg

Robert Unanue said the country was “blessed” to have the president’s leadership. Now, amid calls for a boycott, the largest Hispanic-owned food company in the U.S. is facing dismay from chefs and home cooks.

In Rare Public Comments, Mueller Defends Prosecution of Roger Stone

By Peter Baker

Breaking his silence, the former special counsel rebutted President Trump’s attacks on the Russia investigation and said Mr. Stone had been prosecuted “because he committed federal crimes.”

California Parents Agree to Plead Guilty in College Admissions Scandal

By Michael Levenson

Prosecutors said Todd and Diane Blake paid $250,000 to fraudulently gain their daughter’s admission to the University of Southern California as a volleyball recruit.

Hong Kong Security Law Helps China Tighten Grip Over Schools

By Amy Qin and Tiffany May

China’s leaders have pushed the territory to revamp an education system they see as having bred young rebels who have helped drive pro-democracy protests.

Presidential Pardons and Commutations, From Whiskey Rebellion to Roger Stone

By Bryan Pietsch and Allyson Waller

President Trump’s commutation of his friend Roger Stone’s prison term is part of a tradition of controversial pardons going back to George Washington.

Writer for Tucker Carlson Resigns After β€˜Abhorrent’ Online Posts Are Revealed

By Michael M. Grynbaum

Fox News condemned Blake Neff, a writer for “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” after he was revealed as the pseudonymous author of racist and misogynist online messages.

Ziwe Fumudoh Asks: β€˜How Many Black People Do You Know?’

By Sandra E. Garcia

The comedian performs a kind of racial high wire act on her Instagram Live show, but she really just wants to heal.

A Swiss Dada Pioneer Finally Gets Her Spotlight

By Ted Loos

Sophie Taeuber-Arp did it all: Installations, textiles, costumes, abstract art. Nearly 80 years after her death, an online gallery show commemorates her talent (and a major museum exhibition is coming).

Theater Review: 'Staged' and 'Talking Heads'

By Matt Wolf

“Staged,” a six-episode sitcom, and “Talking Heads,” a remake of a group of vaunted monologues, show what good can come of a bereft theatrical scene in Britain.

What Is Your True β€˜Character’? And Who’s to Judge It?

By Parul Sehgal

Marjorie Garber’s new book prods at the cloud of confusion surrounding the word — its philosophical roots, literary history, political uses and inadvertent comedy.

Jarvis Cocker Keeps Hearing That Voice

By Rob Tannenbaum

Returning with a new band, Jarv Is …, the onetime Pulp leader explains how David Bowie saved his life and why he can’t give up songwriting — yet.

Disney World Opens Its Gates, With Virus Numbers Rising

By Brooks Barnes

Thousands of giddy visitors streamed into the Florida resort on Saturday, as Disney tried to prove it can safely operate at a highly dangerous time.

Coronavirus Fears Stem the Flow at Atomic Liquors, Las Vegas’s Oldest Bar

By Elizabeth Williamson

Nevada shut bars again after the virus surged. While restaurants remain open, customers find it’s not the same.