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North Korea nuclear test equivalent to '17 times the size' of Hiroshima

By Chris Ciaccia

The North Korea nuclear test in early September 2017 was so powerful that it resulted in an entire mountain being lifted off the ground and was the equivalent of "17 times the size of the bomb dropped on Hiroshima," according to a new study.

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Navy UFO mystery deepens amid disclosure that 'unknown individuals' told officers to erase evidence

By Chris Ciaccia

Much consternation has occurred since the U.S. Navy acknowledged that the 2004 videos of an encounter with a UFO were real. Now, a new report notes that several Naval officers who witnessed the event, known as the USS Nimitz UFO incident, were told to delete evidence by "unknown individuals."

NASA's next Mars mission will look for signs of alien life

By Chris Ciaccia

NASA recently discovered an oasis on Mars that may have once hosted life and an upcoming mission to the Red Planet is going to see if there is any fossilized evidence of extraterrestrial life.

Venice suffers worst flooding in 50 years, mayor blames climate change

By Brandon Specktor

Venice is in a state of emergency as the Italian city deals with the aftermath of one of the worst floods in its history.

Missing link found? 'Original Bigfoot' was close relative of orangutan, study says

By Chris Ciaccia

The legendary Bigfoot has long been thought of as the "missing link" between apes and humans. In a stunning discovery, scientists have unearthed new evidence of the so-called "original Bigfoot," a 10-foot tall ape that lived nearly 2 million years ago.

Scientists find a spot where no life can survive. That's bad news for alien hunters.

By Yasemin Saplakoglu

Unearthly greens and yellows color the scorching-hot landscape surrounding the Dallol volcano in northern Ethiopia. This alien-like world is filled with hydrothermal pools that are some of the most extreme environments on the planet — and some of them seem to be completely devoid of life, according to a new study.

British man jailed after calling 911 dozens of times to belch, report says

By Greg Norman

A British man who reportedly serenaded 911 dispatchers with his belches because he was bored will now face a true test of patience – 24 weeks inside in a prison cell.

Swiss tourist dies after vehicle crushed by giraffe in South Africa accident

By Travis Fedschun

A tourist from Switzerland who was critically injured when a giraffe was struck by a minibus and fell on his safari vehicle over the weekend at a national park in South Africa died from his injuries at a hospital on Wednesday, according to officials.

Epstein victims say French investigation into sex network has stalled, claims being β€˜swept under the rug’

By Stephen Sorace

A French investigation into Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged sex network has been criticized for its slow progress by women who say an associate of the disgraced financier raped and sexually assaulted them in France, claims that have raised questions over whether their allegations are again being "swept under the rug."

MH17 probe: Russia, Ukraine rebels had β€˜almost daily contact’ before plane’s downing, investigators say

By Greg Norman

A multinational team investigating the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 declared Thursday that rebels in the area of Ukraine where the plane was targeted had been in “almost daily telephone contact” with Russian officials in the weeks leading up to the attack, raising questions about their possible involvement.