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Some COVID patients won't recover senses of taste, smell, study finds

By Nick Givas

A recent study out of Italy found that 10 percent of those who lost their smell and taste due to COVID-19 saw their symptoms worsen or stay the same over the course of the infection. 

With childrens' vaccinations down amid coronavirus, doctors get creative

By Courtney Crawford

Pediatricians across the country have said they're worried about the potential for new outbreaks of diseases that had been eradicated years ago, because children are getting fewer vaccines overall, according to recent data.

Most states see coronavirus spikes as July 4 holiday weekend approaches

By Louis Casiano

Coronavirus infections rose in 40 out of 50 states heading into what will be a very different July Fourth weekend, as the virus continues to make a resurgence following weeks of nationwide containment measures that have been re-imposed in many areas amid the upswing.

Coronavirus cases linked to Michigan college bar surpass 100: officials

By Madeline Farber

The number of coronavirus cases linked to a popular bar near the Michigan State University campus has surpassed 100, local officials said this week. 

Avoid using hand sanitizer before handling Fourth of July fireworks, officials warn

By Madeline Farber

If you’ve become a routine hand sanitizer user amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, take heed: do not use hand sanitizer before handling fireworks, as the two pose a dangerous — and very flammable — combination. 

Coronavirus patient suffers 4-hour erection from blood clots

By Jackie Salo

A coronavirus patient in France suffered a four-hour erection due to a blood clot that may have been triggered by the illness, doctors have warned.

Coronavirus outbreak at San Quentin prison infects one-third of inmates

By Kayla Rivas

A widespread coronavirus outbreak at San Quentin, California’s oldest prison, has alarmed health officials and sent county virus cases surging.

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Coronavirus update: States rolling back, delaying reopenings amid pandemic

By Kayla Rivas

More than a dozen states across the U.S. are pumping the brakes or reversing reopening plans as spikes in coronavirus cases cause concern. 

Coronavirus outbreak impacts Oregon child care facility: report

By Madeline Farber

At least 20 people, including eight children, have contracted the novel coronavirus following an outbreak at a childcare facility in Lake Oswego, Ore., according to a local report. 

'Pooled testing' for COVID-19 holds promise, pitfalls

By Matthew Perrone

The nation's top health officials are banking on a new approach to dramatically boost U.S. screening for the coronavirus: combining test samples in batches instead of running them one by one.