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Michigan high school replaces Homecoming Queen with 'excellence award'

By Janine Puhak

High school is full of time-honored traditions, but one Michigan school says it has done away with a time-honored ritual for the greater good.

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Los Angeles takes step to become largest U.S. city to ban fur

The council voted unanimously to direct the city attorney to draft an ordinance that will prohibit the manufacture and sale of fur products.

Wealthy parents hiring nannies to take care of them, too

By Dana Schuster

Having a nanny who can teach your kid a second language doesn’t cut it anymore in New York City’s elite circles.

Man reportedly eats strawberry with needle inside, police confirm 4 β€˜contamination’ incidents

By Elizabeth Zwirz

Authorities in Australia on Thursday said they had four confirmed incidents of “contaminated strawberries” after an individual reportedly discovered a needle inside a berry after taking a bite.

Texas school district to reevaluate 'sexist' dress code because of online petition

A school district in Pearland, Texas, is taking a closer look at their dress code policy after a male student was given in-school suspension for wearing makeup in class.