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Woman proposes to partner in England's now-famous plastic supermarket tunnel

By John Bett

Celina Stone popped the question to her girlfriend, Jade Euden, both 21, in the festive tunnel, and arranged for a photographer to capture the magical moment.

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Why do we say 'God bless you' when we sneeze?

By Christopher Howard

There are a few different explanations about the origins of saying “God bless you” after a sneeze.

Amy Schumer launches inclusive clothing line at Saks

By Janine Puhak

The star says she's long been on the hunt for clothing that truly felt “light as a cloud.”

Jennifer Lopez reveals she keeps iconic Versace gown on a mannequin

By Janine Puhak

We’ve all got that one sentimental piece of clothing we just have to hang on to — though Jennifer Lopez’s cherished item is probably more glamorous.