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Doug Schoen: Trump stops Dems from feuding with each other – They unite to condemn his attack on congresswomen

By Douglas Schoen

I fundamentally disagree on issues of policy and politics with four far-left Democratic congresswomen who were attacked by President Trump in an angry tweet Sunday and again in later comments. But I agree with the action by the House Tuesday night to condemn the president for what I consider his unacceptable and racist attack against the four congresswomen.

Leslie Marshall: Trump deserves condemnation for β€˜racist’ comments – Now Dems must unite against him

By Leslie Marshall

The 240-187 House vote Tuesday night to approve a resolution titled “Condemning President Trump’s racist comments directed at Member of Congress” was justified and necessary to hold the president accountable for his unacceptable attack on four Democratic House members who are all women of color.

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Penny Nance: Down syndrome children live full, beautiful lives -- They don't deserve to be aborted

By Penny Young Nance

In a story out of the United Kingdom last week, we learned that the mother of a 4-year-old little boy with Down syndrome is suing her doctors telling the world she would certainly have aborted her child had her doctors informed her he had Down syndrome.

Wall Street Journal: Trump's tweets give Democrats a break from attacking each other

By Wall Street Journal Editorial Board

We’re optimists about American democracy in the long run, but nowadays the long run looks longer all the time. The bonfire of inanities in the last two days between Donald Trump and Democrats over who’s the bigger racist, or real anti-Semite, or greater disgrace to the nation is a new low even by recent standards.

Darrell Issa: Democrats can delay Mueller hearings, but it won’t help

By Darrell Issa

We have our first big reveal of the highly anticipated Robert Mueller testimony before the House of Representatives. And like so many summer flops, the previews are a lot more interesting than the full show.