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Dan Gainor:Β Bloomberg Law is burned over false report of anti-Semitism

By Dan Gainor

NationalReview.com Editor Charles Cooke called the story “a deliberate attempt to get a guy fired for mocking the very position you’re accusing him of holding.” 

Claudia Rosett: China is still a brutal tyranny -- Hong Kong's protesters are doing the world a heroic service

By Claudia Rosett

For all China’s economic advances, it remains a brutal, dehumanizing tyranny in which the ruling Communist Party would rather destroy people than give them a genuine say in their government.

Harmeet Dhillon: Kate Steinle’s killer escapes punishment – Sanctuary for illegal immigrants endangers us all

By Harmeet Dhillon

With the decision last week by a California appeals court to reverse the conviction of Kate Steinle’s killer on a jury instruction technicality, California’s law-abiding residents are freshly reminded of how cheaply California’s sanctuary state lawmakers value our lives in comparison to the interests of illegal immigrants.

Rick McDaniel: On Labor Day, think about these ways to find fulfillment in your work

By Rick McDaniel

God expects us to work – at the office, factory, farm field, school or wherever we work. When we do it well it brings glory to God.

Scott Gunn: On Labor Day and every day, honoring workers honors God

By Scott Gunn

Since it became a federal holiday in 1894, Labor Day has honored the labor union movement, American workers and the important work they do. As a Christian, I believe that God has given each person a unique vocation – an appointed kind of work. Honoring workers honors the work that God gives us.

Paul Batura: Why do I love Cracker Barrel? Let me count the ways ... and the pancakes

By Paul Batura

I think I'm drawn to the place because it reminds me of childhood, of diners and mom-and-pop places, not to mention home-cooked meals with my family.

Lisa Daftari: President Trump, don't accept a bad deal that will hurt the Iranian people

By Lisa Daftari

It would be short-sighted to favor an empty deal that would scrap the chance for Iranians to stand up to their government for significant and long-lasting changes.