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Group scours Pacific for sunken WWII battleships, lost war graves

MIDWAY ATOLL, Northwestern Hawaiian Islands (AP) — Deep-sea explorers scouring the world's oceans for sunken World War II ships are focusing on debris fields deep in the Pacific, in an area where one of the most decisive battles of the time took place.

'Omen of Evil' baby aye-aye born in North Carolina

By Chris Ciaccia

A baby aye-aye, also known as a long-fingered lemur, has been born at the Duke Lemur Centre (DLC) in North Carolina, SWNS reports.

Massive elephant found dead on top of squished crocodile

By Chris Ciaccia

What shocked onlookers is that the massive mammal landed on top of the crocodile, flattening the reptile in the process.

Milky Way galaxy is a cosmic thief

By Chris Ciaccia

A newly published study notes that the Milky Way stole several dwarf galaxies from the neighboring galaxy, Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC), including the Carina and Fornax, because of an ongoing merger between the two.

An asteroid-smashing star ground a giant rock to bits and covered itself in the remains

By Rafi Letzter - Staff Writer

Somewhere in the galaxy, a white dwarf star suddenly started shining brightly. And now we understand the violent cataclysm that caused it: the star's gravitational field tore the asteroid to bits, scattering its metallic bits in a shiny halo around the star.

Deep-sea creatures devour whale carcass, photos and video reveal

By Christopher Carbone

Marine scientists onboard a research vessel that searches for new discoveries in the ocean's depths stumbled upon something quite rare on Wednesday: the skeletal remains of a 16-foot long whale.

Great white shark captured off US coast with gash on head was bitten by even bigger shark, experts say

By Stephen Sorace

A new photo showing a disfigured great white shark that was recently captured off the U.S. coast has experts guessing that the nearly 13-foot, 1,200-pound apex predator was attacked by an even bigger shark.

WWII-era racy paintings discovered at English nursing home

By Chris Ciaccia

Workers renovating a room for a new resident at a nursing home discovered racy paintings dating back to World War II beneath the wallpaper.

Kansas sisters discover β€˜ancient’ bear skull along Arkansas River

By Stephen Sorace

A pair of sisters from Kansas made a “grizzly” discovery when they found what experts have called an “ancient” bear skull that was buried along a river while on a summer kayaking trip.

World's fastest ant runs equivalent of 360 mph

By Chris Ciaccia

The speed of the fastest ant in the world has been recorded, traveling at 108 times its body length in a single second.

Amazon fish's 'bulletproof vest' is piranha protection

By Chris Ciaccia

A fish in the Amazon River basin has developed a "bulletproof vest" to protect itself from piranhas' nasty bite.

4,000-year-old mummies showed early signs of heart disease

By Mindy Weisberger - Senior Writer

Four-thousand-year-old mummies have cholesterol buildup in their arteries, suggesting that heart disease was likely more common in ancient times than once thought, according to a new study.