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20 everyday tasks that nobody does anymore

By Kim Komando

Daily necessities are vanishing one by one, thanks to new and efficient technology.

7 cool gadgets for summer fun

By John Brandon

Summer is already in full force, and that means it’s time to head out to the beach, take a long bike ride, or explore the great outdoors. These gadgets offer something special and unique to make your excursions more enjoyable, and most are 100 percent beach ready.

Does Amazon really pay no taxes? Here’s the complicated answer

By Richard Rubin

Democratic presidential candidates have seized on reports that Amazon.com Inc. paid no 2018 federal taxes as they press for changes in the tax system.

'Deepfake' videos, other tech could threaten 2020 election, Dems fear

By Danielle Wallace

The House Intelligence Committee heard from artificial intelligence experts in a meeting Thursday over the potential threat “deepfake” technology could pose on America’s national security leading up to the 2020 presidential election.

Amazon rebukes Biden, offers lesson on tax code after earlier spat with Warren

By Gregg Re

Amazon publicly rebuked Joe Biden in a fiery Twitter post on Thursday after the former vice president argued that the company should pay more in taxes because it was "pulling in billions of dollars in profits."

San Francisco to harness AI to reduce racial bias when charging people with crimes

By Christopher Carbone

San Francisco prosecutors will use artificial intelligence to reduce racial bias in the courts, becoming the first city to conduct this type of experiment using a "bias mitigation tool."

Inside Facebook: Social network under fire but staffers show no signs of pressure

By Brian Flood

Facebook is under fire from all corners of the globe but anyone who attended the tech giant’s International Press Day would have no idea, as things appear just fine inside Mark Zuckerberg’s sprawling Silicon Valley headquarters.

Pentagon ground tests fighter-jet launched hypersonic weapon

By Kris Osborn

Traveling at 5-times the speed of sound, skipping off the boundary of the upper atmosphere and descending upon enemy targets with unprecedented speed, emerging hypersonic weapons promise to massively reshape offensive combat tactics.

GQ magazine pulls photo of Silicon Valley execs featuring 2 women Photoshopped in: reports

By Brie Stimson

Not enough women tech executives in Silicon Valley? They can always be Photoshopped in. GQ magazine recently removed a photo from its website after learning that the two women appearing with 15 male tech executives had been digitally added.

Facebook COO Sandberg downplays calls for a breakup, ignores WSJ bombshell

By Brian Flood

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg ignored a negative bombshell and brushed off calls to break up the tech giant during a Q&A session with reporters from around the world Wednesday at the company’s Menlo Park headquarters.