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7 back-to-school gadgets to help you focus

By John Brandon

When school starts, it still feels like summer. These gadgets will combat the transition back to full-day classes in high school or college when the weather is still distracting. Jot down notes on a laptop, avoid cable clutter, and use an endless notepad to stay focused.

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The Pentagon’s cruise missile test will open up new strike possibilities for the US military

By Kris Osborn

The Pentagon has shot off a developing land-fired cruise missile in a successful test of an emerging weapons system able to hit long-range targets from safer distances, potentially complementing Air Force and Army medium-range weapons now under development.

Bernie Sanders wants to ban police use of facial recognition

By Christopher Carbone

Bernie Sanders has called for a complete ban on the police use of facial recognition, becoming the first 2020 presidential candidate to do so.

7 back-to-school gadgets for an epic college dorm room

By John Brandon

College starts up for students this month, which means only one thing: it’s time to plan out the ultimate dorm room. For those who want the latest and the best accessories and gadgets, we’ve assembled the primo gear to impress roommates, your RA, and anyone else in your hall.

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Ransomware attack cripples at least 20 local Texas agencies, state government says

By Melissa Leon

At least 20 local government entities across Texas have been taken hostage by a coordinated ransomware attack, the Texas Department of Information Resources announced Friday.

Navy sets sights on new submarine weapons

By Kris Osborn

The Navy has begun building new weapons to massively increase attack options for its Virginia-class attack submarine, a move that is expected to change the mission scope for the boats and enable more extensive offensive strike possibilities, improving the Navy’s armed defense of its surface fleet. 

Increased screen time can cause development problems in kids, experts warn

By John Brandon

Dr. Pamela Hurst-Della Pietra, a well-known child development expert, tells Fox News there has been a 28 percent increase in psychiatric emergency department visits related to suicide attempts since 2011; the CDC says suicide rates are up 30 percent 'in more than half of U.S. states' since 1999.

Google employee describes 'burden of being black' at tech giant in memo: report

By James Rogers

A departing Google employee has described the “the burden of being black” at the tech giant in an internal memo that alleges racist and insensitive behavior from some employees the company.

TikTok attracting lots of adult dating scams, report says

By Brooke Crothers

The social media video platform TikTok is surging in popularity and becoming a magnet for scammers, a new report says.

Army details future 'tactical' war network

By Kris Osborn

If a forward-operating Army Reconnaissance unit consisting of dismounted soldiers, tactical vehicles and hand-held drones were separated from a larger armored formation across mountainous terrain - and unexpectedly collided with heavily armed enemy fighters -- its survival would depend almost entirely upon an operational “tactical” war network.

Over 1 million fingerprints leaked at one of world’s biggest biometric firms, researchers say

By Brooke Crothers

Researchers at a cybersecurity firm said fingerprint and facial recognition data was exposed at a major biometric company, saying the potential for “fraud is massive.”