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Nurse charged in fatal drug-swap error pleads not guilty


A Tennessee nurse charged with criminal homicide after a medication error killed a patient is scheduled to appear in court.

Christian adoption agency sues New York after state tries to shut it down

By Caleb Parke

A Christian adoption agency in Syracuse, New York is suing the state after it threatened to shut them down for a "discriminatory and impermissible" policy of placing each child with a married mother and father.

Officer's lawyers: No resentencing needed in fatal shooting

Lawyers for the white Chicago police officer convicted of murder for fatally shooting black teenager Laquan McDonald say prosecutors have no right to challenge his nearly 7-year prison term.

Wisconsin school ends cheerleading awards for body parts

A Wisconsin school district official says its high school will no longer hand out cheerleading awards that are based on a girl's physical attributes, including largest breasts or buttocks.

US Education Secretary DeVos to visit struggling SC schools


U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos is visiting a South Carolina area known as the "Corridor of Shame" due to its underperforming schools.

'Firefall' makes glowing return to Yosemite National Park, visitors say recent snow leaves conditions 'unsafe'

By Travis Fedschun

The spectacle of the setting sun that transforms a waterfall in Yosemite National Park into a glowing "firefall" returned this week -- but those looking to make the trek are being warned about current conditions after heavy snow this winter.

California airport contractor killed after jet bridge tire explodes

By Katherine Lam

A contractor at a California airport was killed Tuesday night after a jet bridge tire he was working on exploded, authorities said.

3 inmates charged in beating death at West Virginia jail

West Virginia authorities say they have charged three Southern Region Jail inmates with murder in the beating death of a fourth inmate.

Michigan men accused of wiring $88M overseas claim it was for their families

By Lucia Suarez Sang

Three Michigan men accused of wiring $88 million to multiple overseas accounts claim they did nothing wrong and that they were just sending the money to relatives.

Oregon man accused of luring teen arrested after SUV gets stuck in snow, officials say

By Ryan Gaydos

An Oregon man accused of luring a 13-year-old girl from her home was arrested Tuesday after a rental vehicle he was in with the teen got stuck in deep snow and he had to call for help, authorities said.

Wisconsin high school cheerleaders received awards for biggest breasts, butt at banquet

By Ryan Gaydos

A Wisconsin high school has come under fire for a cheerleading award ceremony last year that saw a few girls win awards such as the “Big Boobie” and “Big Booty” awards.

Winter storm bringing 'widespread hazardous weather' stretching from Midwest to Northeast

By Travis Fedschun

A "significant" winter storm is bringing the threat of snow, ice and rain to every state east of the Mississippi River on Wednesday, causing the federal government to shutter offices and leading to widespread travel disruptions.

Wounded sergeant attends NYPD detective's funeral

A New York City police detective killed by friendly fire last week in Queens is being laid to rest.

Prosecutors: Man had more than 56,000 child porn files

A Philadelphia man who worked at a suburban pediatric center has admitted collecting thousands of child pornography videos and images.