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China warns US against sparking Cold War

By Edmund DeMarche

Wang Yi, the Chinese foreign minister, said Sunday that the U.S. should “give up on its wishful thinking of changing China” and avoid bringing the two countries to a “new Cold War.”

New Zealand PM Ardern’s response to earthquake goes viral

By Edmund DeMarche

New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Arden went viral Monday over the composure she kept during an earthquake on live television.

Hong Kong police fire tear gas, water cannon as pro-democracy supporters protest new China law

By Stephen Sorace

Police in Hong Kong fired tear gas and a water cannon at protesters Sunday as thousands rallied in the streets against China’s move to impose a new national security law on the semi-autonomous city.

US military holds live-fire training in Persian Gulf following Iran encounters

By Stephen Sorace

The U.S. military showcased its "awesome firepower" last week in the Persian Gulf, officials said, the same day it warned vessels in the Mideast against approaching within 100 yards of its warships after encounters with Iranian gunboats.

US dependence on Chinese imports posing potential threat on national security, think tank says

By Benjamin Hall

A new report by a British think tank shows that the U.S. is strategically dependent on China for 414 categories of imports, of which 114 service its critical national infrastructure -- and in some cases, these could pose a national security risk.

Benjamin Netanyahu corruption trial - everything you need to know

By Talia Kaplan

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's trial for three corruption cases will begin on Sunday,  more than two months after Israel's unprecedented third election in less than a year, which ended inconclusively and led to  the formation of a unity government. Netanyahu is the first sitting Israeli prime minister to go on trial.

Two ISIS 'regional' leaders killed during raid in Syria, coalition says

By Louis Casiano

Two regional Islamic State (ISIS) leaders were killed earlier this week during a joint operation between Syrian and coalition forces in northeast Syria, coalition forces said Friday.