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Woman with tanning 'obsession' claims people accuse her of trying to 'switch races'

By Michael Bartiromo

“People say that I wanted to be a black woman, and that I wanted to switch races and stuff just because I’m tanning, but I don’t really care,” said Hannah Tittensor, a 22-year-old student from Belfast. “These people don’t actually know me.”

Early birds have more sex, make more money and sleep better than night owls, study finds

By Marie Haaland

If you’re energetic and confident, enjoy cooking and believe in love at first sight, then new research shows you're probably an early bird.

Mom flaunts bikini body after 137-pound weight loss

By Rebekah Scanlan

A woman has revealed her incredible body transformation after losing 137 pounds — so she could wear a bikini with confidence.

Puppy yoga gaining popularity as a new twist on the workout

By Rob DiRienzo

There are a bunch of puppies running around and you’re getting in your workout for the day – understandably, puppy yoga is becoming a big hit with animal-loving yogis.