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Romaine lettuce from Salinas, California, linked to another E. coli outbreak, officials say

By Nicole Darrah

Federal health officials are urging people not to eat any romaine lettuce linked to Salinas, California, because of an E. coli outbreak — nearly one year after a similar food poisoning upsurge prompted health officials to issue a warning about the leafy greens.

Hate vegetables? Genetics may be to blame, study suggests

By Madeline Farber

Despite your mom’s pleas, if you could never develop a taste for certain vegetables – namely broccoli and Brussels sprouts –  your genetics may be to blame, new research suggests. 

Toddler burned when vegetable steamer topples over on him

By Michael Hollan

A toddler is recovering after nearly dying earlier this year after he pulled a vegetable steamer over his head.

Maryland Popeyes customer attacked by six juveniles, police say

By Dom Calicchio

Police in Maryland received a call Tuesday night that six juveniles in black hoods attacked a man in his 50s at a Popeyes restaurant in Silver Spring.