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Dunkin’ preps for Boston Marathon with doughnut-inspired running shoes, β€˜munchkin’ sizes for kids

By Danielle Wallace

Dunkin' and the sneaker manufacturer Saucony, both Massachusetts-based companies, paired up for the second year in row to create a custom shoe design in time for the Boston Marathon.

Sam Adams dedicating new beer to Ruth Bader Ginsburg

By Michael Bartiromo

She’s a Supreme Court justice. A graduate of Columbia Law School. A cultural and feminist icon. And now she’s the inspiration for Samuel Adams beer.

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Chick-fil-A responds to controversy over charitable donations, denies seeking out groups with anti-LGBTQ views

By Michael Bartiromo

Chick-fil-A is responding to recent accusations of donating money to organizations that are accused of harboring anti-LGBTQ views, claiming that those reports are “driving an inaccurate narrative.”

Nebraska residents find beer fridge washed up in field after flooding subsides

By Michael Bartiromo

Two men in Nebraska stumbled upon a “gift sent from the heavens” among the tragedy and destruction caused by recent flooding in the Midwest.

'Vasectomy cake' created by Tennessee bakery goes viral

By Katherine Lam

A Nashville bakery went viral this week after it created a cake to celebrate a man getting a vasectomy.