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Flash mob surprises Chick-fil-A with a capella gospel song

By Michael Bartiromo

The singers were all attending a religious conference in the area when they decided to bring their talents over to the Nashville restaurant.

Papa John's to take John Schnatter's face off its marketing materials

By Candice Choi

Papa John's, which has had founder John Schnatter at the center of its logo and in TV ads, plans to pull his image from its marketing after reports he used a racial slur.

Renowned meat purveyor shopping $1200 grill that looks like a toaster oven

By Michael Bartiromo

The meat purveyor who supplies burger joints and world-renowned steakhouses with his signature beef is shopping a new contraption that, he claims, “catapults the grilling game” — even though it looks more like an Easy Bake Oven than an actual grill.