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Medicare fraud cases settled for $7.1M after knee braces, injections deemed unnecessary

By Vandana Rambaran

Seven former Osteo Relief Institute clinics accused of billing Medicare for unnecessary knee braces and injections to treat osteoarthritis have agreed to pay more than $7.1 million in a settlement, the U.S. Justice Department announced Friday.

Why did this man's taste buds disappear?

By Rachael Rettner

His tongue's strange appearance would turn out to be a sign of an underlying blood condition.

Johnson & Johnson recalls baby powder over asbestos concerns

By Madeline Farber

Johnson & Johnson on Friday announced a voluntary recall of a single lot of its baby powder over concerns they product may contain asbestos. 

Man's face rotted from infected mosquito bite: report

By Madeline Farber

A man’s left cheek was reportedly removed after a mosquito bite on his face became infected. 

Juul stops sale of fruity, dessert-flavored e-cigarettes

Juul Labs will stop selling fruit and dessert flavors for its electronic cigarettes, the company announced on Thursday.

Rare condition causes man’s testicles to swell to 7 pounds: case report

By Madeline Farber

A 43-year-old Panama man was the focus of a recent case report that detailed a rare condition that caused his testicles to swell to an enormous size. 

Blue Halloween buckets raise autism awareness, mom’s viral post says

By Madeline Farber

A mom’s Facebook post went viral after she detailed why her 3-year-old son with autism will be using a blue bucket while trick-or-treating this Halloween. 

Florida boy, 5, battling aggressive brain cancer gets to patrol with Coast Guard, police

By Melissa Leon

A 5-year-old Florida boy who is battling aggressive brain cancer got to live his dream last week when the Coast Guard, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and several local law enforcement teams joined forces to make his wish come true -- become an honorary marine officer and go on a ride with the Coast Guard.